Sep 11

5 Steps To Guarantee Your App Successful Approved From Apple

By: Anna Louise

With the millions of apps now on the app store, entering lots of the app cannot stop. Every day there is lots of applications are being submitted on the congested mound of existing ones.

Lots of people are worried apple will reject their app.

But if you follow the latest apple’s new review guidelines make this possible to successful approved your app.

Apple is saying enough is enough

How to handle the rejection let the quickly glance on 5 steps to guarantee your app successful approved

What is meant by apple spam?

The rejection that has app developer’s seal guideline 4.3-design that means the app submitted is not fit according to the apple’s standard.

The definition of spam according to the spam

The app is not particularly like app

Use similar theme in multiple app.

Piling on a category which is soaking

Here are few answer that spam rumors is mostly talked

Apple has disqualified the use of app template

Apple is not allowing AI software to bend for app fact, template are suggested for app developers.

Apple will not approve skins

If you are looking to make easy money with app, skinning is not good way.

You have not right to upload emoji apps

You can upload different Emoji Apps. Just don’t publish different emoji app of similar theme. Apple will allow you submit a single app and offer variation using in app purchase.

5 Steps To Guarantee Your App Successful Approved

Step1: Follow apple’s review guidelines

Apple does not have lot a guideline, they are easy to follow

Step 2: Be the first and provide value

The submission of the unique and high quality products is necessary which serve the specific need to improve the need of the mobile users. So always try to upload unique concept product.

Step 3: Go above what is needed

Apple provides rewards to developer who follows the guideline of submission. Although, apple only need 1 screenshot, videos and marketing url etc.

The more you show you have invested in the project, the more likely the app you will be approved.

Monitor your submission volume and frequency

Step4: Avoided the quantity over quality

The reskinning of the app is often rejected so developers need to make unique app and don’t submitting different app in short span of time.

Step5: include review notes that support all above

For the review process, add lots of information like includes information to test your app and app specific settings.

Meanwhile, if you have question and comments above apple’s new review guidelines or app rejections in rejection pass a comment below in the comment section.