Nov 10

9 Creative Ways for App Marketplace to Promote Your Mobile Apps

By: Anna Louise

After accomplished an awesome mobile app for your business, you need to interact with lots of audience. The data you are pulling from the app that helping everyone to think very new ways. This also helps you to add serious source in your income in your business.

Everyone know that after much blood, tears and sweat you developed your dream Mobile App that looks great and functionally fantastically.

So, there are some methods that can use to increase your new mobile brand with small investment.

Used always customers touch points

This is the thing, through which can get full advantage by your own customers.

You can promote through the email, social media and even offline marketing without using lots of money.

You need do promotion campaign in which includes videos, screenshots and reviews etc.

  • Manage a press release

There are plenty of service exist in the internet. For promote your app to search more that are interested in your fields. You need to make screenshots for promoting your website.

  • Regular updates

We should update our application on the regular basis. This is way you can get attention of people.

  • Need a Strong seo and ASO strategies

In order to promote your application everywhere, you must carefully select the keywords not only your website but also for your app. a strong SEO and ASO will make your app easier and faster.

  • Demand some reviews

You must ask for a review for you’re newly launch app reviews. The best review has great impact for the promotion of your app.

  • Offer a promotional price

If your app is not a free one, sometimes provide promotional prices, like during the launch time of holidays like Easter, Christmas. The promo price will make your app more useful.

  • Organize some consent

You can tell people to share your app over the global audience by organizing consent that is related to various social media channels such as twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. There are various people who attend the consent and they definitely try to download your app.

  • Name of your app

This is very important to select the eye catchy name for your mobile application so always try to select creative, short and name that is easy to search for using of mobile device.

  • Create how to videos

You always try to make creative, funny and informative videos for your apps. This is very easy way to promote your app in very short time for wide audience.