Jul 12

Best Analytics Tools for Mobile App Developers

By: Anna Louise

Here, we will discuss with you about main Mobile Analytics Application development tools for developer. Mobile web app development is emerging as something disruptive and powerful. On a smaller screen, everything is again new with lost connectivity and sketchy battery.

Have you collected all of your important numbers? You need opinion for all downloads and their prices. All this can be measured by these App Analytics tools. You can track the best tool. All metric is systematized and selected in accordance to developer behavior. For example,

1.  Acquisition :- Shows user’s channels

2.  Activation   :- Shows initial experience of user with an app.

3.  Retention  :- Shows the total # of people who opened your app frequently after downloading it:

4.  Referral  :- Shows the developer who shared their best experience with family, friends or anyone through face-book, twitter or any other social network.

5.  Revenue  :- Shows to a financial expression of the user cooperation.

Mobile App Development is terms that are used to identify process or ac by any developed software for handed device like enterprise assistance, personal digital assistants or mobile phone.  Developers can consider hardware configuration, specification, and lengthy arrays of screen sizes. These tools are different from regular libraries, framework and web tools.

Find below details of these tools with some description.

1-  Google Mobile App Analytics

Website: analytics.google.com

Free,  Platforms: iOS, Android,

+ Best mobile analytics tools;
+ all required features;
+ Easy to handle and learn;
+ integration for conversion tracking, no iTunes integration;
+ now pretty new,  promising in the future;

Gives organized reports in 4 categories like Acquisitions, Users, Engagement and Outcomes.

google mobile app analytics

2-  Flurry Analytics

Website: flurry.com

Free, Platforms is iOs, Android, Java-Me, Blackberry, Windows Phone

+ Wide and complete;
+ user funnels & paths;
+ creates minimum 10 routine dashboard;

–  Difficult to mention errors.

3-  Apsalar – ApScience

Website: apsalar.com

Free,  Platforms is iOS, Android

+ complete;
+ works across multiple apps;
+measures date of developers across time, real time cohorts;
+ customizable dashboards;
+ create funnels & events;
+ user’s segment are based on events/ funnels and cohorts;

4-  Countly

Website: count.ly

Free when self-hosted-open source

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry

+ Characteristic positioning;
+ Perfect user interface;
+ eye-catching design;
+ real-time;
+ dashboards are easy to use;
+ use segmentation & track events;
+ funnels that you get details from the app;

5-  Localytics

Website: localytics.com

Free, Platforms is iOS, Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry and HTML5

+ Give support to bubbles for newcomers;
+ When these apps will be added,- get details of each user or session;
+ very easy to use;
+ compare them with new ones;
+ build your own inquiries to obtain a C-S-V file with enterprise /premium version;
+ unlimited apps versions – free;

App reports & usage (by device, carrier, version, unique users);
Session and user (time duration);
Day-Part Analysis;
Attributes and Events and Leaving comments on graphs.

6-  Mixpanel

Website: mixpanel.com

Free, Stores: iOS, Android

+ Activity or event-based;
+ Easy to make funnels;
+ Good user interface;
+Allows proper analysis;
+ Can link web-to-mobile;

This is an activity bases analytics tool: – sharing, account creation, upgrade and purchase, etc. You have to define properties of events for your apps.

7-  AskingPoint

Website: askingpoint.com

Free, Platform:-  iOS, Android

+ Gives both mobile review/polls system & app analytics;
+ analytics part provides data on devices, usage, versions and demo-graphic;— basic analytics;
— no funnel & less complete than others.

I am sure these analytics will help you in measuring metrics.  You can improve an app by tracking the data.

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