Jul 1

Android Apps Reskinning and Monetization

By: Anna Louise

You’ll be surprised what you should outsource for designers or developers use if doing what they do. When you want to have hand in re-skinning app yourself? When so, try to learn these tools and check-out all these resources that may support you in proper way to build an app within no time. I’m considering buying apps and games, re-skinning and posting them to Google-Play. However Android Apps Reskinning process is very easy.

Skills to buy source code:-

You can browse and check what’s offered. Find any sample that you’ve to show. However don’t aware that these app’s types are perfect for re-skinning or not? Check it before selecting any source code. It includes Photo Editor Apps, World Game, Personality, trivia, pop quizzes, Infinite Runners, Racing and Match 3 games, floppy, interactive, shooter/pet games and quote/Mem generators.

1. Photo Filter Apps:– Social media is nothing more than explanation.

2. Word Games. Newspaper is an excellent source to get games that are always young.

3. Infinite Runner :- This can be adapted into new set of characters and theme. It allows many creative options.

4. Racing Games: – Classic games are being tested and don’t need any input.

5. Match 3 :- A simple user interface and excellent graphics.

6. Kids’ games :- Kids are biting a chunk from app’s market. Doctor, Dentist are hit specially for young age.

7. Shooter/Pet game:- Gul-games inc is popular app which is completed in different versions. Shooting game has perfect potential in Android Apps Reskinning process.

8. Meme/Quote Generator. The Reskinning Apps would not be as wide as constant and extensive like games app.

Android Apps Reskinning Graphics

Graphic is actually soul of re-skinning. Graphic may break or make your app and in the Reskinning Apps industry. It’s very imperative.

Monetization and Optimization

The Ad-networks that are used for re-skinners AdMob, RevMob, Chartboost, AppLovin and TapJoy. ASO Tools are SensorTower, AppAnnie, AppFigures, Distimo, and MetricsCat. It is also observed that people avoid Android apps because testing is costly, slow emulation, costly development, Android upgrading cycle is slow, Huge fragmentation, re-skinning makes it worse, bad UX due to low performance devices, lots of hardware are involved and compare Apple/Android is like comparing apples.

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