Jul 11

Get Features of Android N on Any Device

By: Anna Louise

N is used as “New”:-

Android Features N is available as a developer sample, with the final release planned for 3rd part of 2016. However, if you want it early then you’ll get all important files from Android N & enroll it in program that delivers beta release. This experience is better and improved. Side-by-side, it is most dramatic feature that has split screen for apps. The benefits of multi-tasking windows are understandable. Meanwhile you can search Android Apps Reskin for Profit & Fun.

On this topic you will find many pictures, references and functionality. It shows that feature is bound for devices like Nexus Player.

N is used as “Notifications”

In Marshmallow, notification appeared like heaps of colored light rectangle that can be dismissed with activated or swipe with tap. Notification is more functional than ever. Without exiting the app, allows to respond from notifications. With ‘N’ all action happens inside the pane. During testing I reply to hangout message from notification screen, I’ve to tap the ‘reply’ button, type message that pressed and opened. It seems natural. It introduces multi-tasking. Mostly people are interested in Reskinning apps for this version.


Background processes

Developers can wish to observe that Google can be fixing down on all these processes may activate. Now programmers add help for ‘unicode-9 emojis’ that is new and more detailed. Sugary confection that N shows ‘Nutella’, ‘Nutter Butter’ and ‘Necco Wafers’. However it should be more polished.

3D Touch vs Android Features N

3D Touch is best feature of iPhone 6s & Plus. However ‘Android N’ makes possible for customers to have 3-D Touch.

One is hidden feature that a programmer preview release is original help as 3-D touch. There’re many videos that will help you to launch it. From last few days, official marketing name of Android’s 3-D Touch was assigned by Google. It was developed in-side Nova Launcher that doesn’t have sensitive screen. Now programmers have added new virtual capabilities (VR listener, VR helper) in major version, code-name N.


Android N looks set to be rich updated features which will modify feel and look of your smart-phone/ tablet. Good news is that it can support iPhone 6S, tablets and smart-phones. It has been made properly like adding functionality, re-designing to mobile system to make it more reliable, competitive and capable. While considering deeper, you’ll see changes like Wi-Fi, flashlight and Bluetooth will show in apps notifications. Programmers and developers can add new functionality on it. If main organizations like Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter get behind its quick response feature. Reskinning Apps is one of biggest income source. Android Apps Reskin is not only hobby, its big business as well.

Exact Rooting:-

It means root permission on mobile. There’re many reasons that works in Android phone like it is customizable, versatile and open.  If there’s any term that we can think like root, ROM, Stock, kernel, Radio, Flash, Brick, Boot-loader, Recovery, N-Android, ADB(Android debug bridge), S-Office, Ruu, SBF and OPS.

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