Mar 31

Monetization process for Mobile Games with Ads

By: Anna Louise

This world is mobile app world; we only live in it. According to the survey report, US adults spend three hours/day on a mobile device that is more time than they give to watch TV.  It’s also observed that smartphone user spends 90% of their time spend on media in apps and only 11% on a mobile website. The mobile App Ads economy is growing bigger. 2017 marked a substantial jump in the download with the average mobile user downloading 54 apps while depending reached USD 40 billion.

There are many ways to monetize with through partnerships, service upgrades, etc. – ads are most important factors.  Clients are resistant to an advertisement. It’s important to consider uniquely within mobile app experience. Traditional banner advertising will avoid websites where they delay with website contents too much.

Start with Mobile App Ads

The solution to this challenge is to develop a good app for a user. If it will be irrelevant, then it’s useless.  Also ads manage to be blurry from contents without showing to be reporting contents. High-level native ads can be effective however developing them is hard. Native in-app ads succeed if ads are woven into normal UE (user experience).  To fulfill the target, app’s infrastructure should be optimized for performance throughout the delivery process.

But it’s challenging. One issue is that current network was developed to support the web, not apps.  Contents must be rich. An app developer must request access to the code, online support forum and documentation from value-bale partners. The real challenge to monetization apps is that links or pages to app’s store may be slow to load that leads to abandonment and unhappy advertisers.  Due to all opportunities and possibilities for in-app monetization, some enterprises are falling short that are irrelevant to clients, out-dated, low quality, etc.

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Now you’ve great apps and games, however, have you considered about how to effective monetize? Make sure; you’re maximizing earnings?  Find below some strategies you may use to make this process with ads effective and easier.

Mobile apps and games are good opportunities to make money, however, for an ad-tech earnings novice; it may be a challenging effort. Working with one network is not enough. You’ve to cover different search engines. To maximize earnings you must enlist ads that will assist you. The main trend in ads right now is RTB- real time biding, that acts as an auction to the stock exchange where advertiser bids the wins the ad-slot. This RTB model is not perfect, but, and there’re many risks for gaming apps. Some of these risks include security of first party data, who is buying inventory and lack of controls.

There is not an ideal receipt of how to earn money from apps. It requires an individual method.  Due to mobile monetization way you’re selecting, getting the profit from monetization model, you should see how the App Ads are presented. Ads are an important part, so remember that ads are displayed properly. It means ads are shown in the right format.

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