Feb 12

Tools for Successful App Content Marketers

By: Anna Louise

According to a recent survey, 59% of B2C marketers and 55% of B2B marketers are planning to increase their content marketing this year. Placing high-quality content over different platforms is an excellent way to interact with customers. It’s a vital step to maintain a cordial relationship and regular interaction with the customers.

As it becomes an important source to grow the business so, Next step is to market your content by making it visible to the site visitors. Make your content ready to market by fueling it with the exceptional quality, rich information and visitors’ expectations along with good marketing techniques. You need to fully grasp content marketing in reference to grow your blog traffic. Get tremendous success in your business by leveraging the native apps and online tools. The monthly usage of Mobile Apps and the web is surprisingly amazing. “Smart Insights” tells that 89% of time consumed on media is with mobile apps.

App content marketers can use many apps in content creation to make your content full of information, fun, and profitable. You have to create a content up to the mark because your reviewers know better now. They keenly searching for immense content that contains the solution to their problems. a basic thing is to brand your content in such a way which suits your target audience. It becomes a more effective way to create brand awareness than magazine advertisements.

Let’s have a look upon some content creating marketing tools to guide you and reshape your vision rightly to revitalize your content.


Buffer is an effective app to become a productive blogger and a perfect online Content Marketing Expert. Every content marketer does social network marketing because the majority of clients are Facebook, LinkedIn and tweeter users. a business survey of 83% of marketers says that social media is very favorable for their business and are being used for more than six hours each day. You can Connect several accounts in your social media dashboard, also can schedule the performance of your pins on Pinterest. It also boosts your social media experience.


As reading is a benchmark of leadership, pocket helps you to save something you find and want to read or watch it later on any device at any time. It’s a very reliable app to save your web pages for later reading.

Google Docs Research Tool

With google docs research tools, a content writer can conduct research with this simple native app directly without visiting the research engine. You can come up with a ton blog posts without wasting your time. Ink out your content to authoritative sites to increase its perceived value.

Hemingway App

It helps you to remove hard sentences or phrases, Adverbs and passive voice from your content to make it more embraced for your blog visitors.


You must have to be think out of the box to create interactive content in the form of SlideShare presentation and embed it into your post.


Generate quality visitors to your blog and then convert them into ardent blog readers & clients. This requires high-quality content to enrich the same audience. You can use these tools to answer their questions and to succeed in the content market.