Feb 23

Mobile App usage Increases & Web Surfing Declines

By: Anna Louise

New data from mobile app analytics provider (Flurry) have released that native app usage on mobile is continuing to grow at expenses of mobile websites. These companies claims that audience is now spending 2 hours-42 minutes per day on devices as of march-214, 2 hours and 38 minutes. Meanwhile, App Free usage accounts for 2 hours & 19 minutes of that time spent as web usage has dropped from 21% of US client’s time in 2013 to 14%-22 minutes/day- as of last months.

App Usage Statistics and App Free

Flurry gathers its data of network of more than 450,000 uses ‘com-Scrore’ to calculates its figure on web browser usage and apps. Meanwhile, it uses ‘NetMarket-Share’ for the distributions of web browser usages. Also, be aware that enterprises are combining information and data from multiple resources with different methodologies so take that as you can.

As per new research, Flurry have examined which app groups remained popular year over year & found that gaming dominates app mobile usage with 33% of time spent on Android and iOS devices however Facebook remains a strong second with 17% of time spent on device.

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But, it’ll very interesting to note that Face-book showed a slight decline year by year. However, it’s still a lead by extensive margin in-terms of time spent, even that slight declines helps in explaining why Facebook should spend big amount to expand its market share and user base else-where on device, the method it did through the ‘WhatsApp’ attainment.

Facebook is combined with Twitter-1.5% & Social Messaging apps-9.5% grew up to 28% of time spent on mobile devices, indicating the broader shift from socializing on Face-book to sharing within private messages.

Temporarily, new social categories ‘YouTube’ accounted for (4% of time) spent. Entertainment and Valued apps see their share remains same at 8% each, while these productivity apps doubled their share from (2% to 4%).

Flurry notes that combined Facebook and Google likely command <25% of time the average US client spends on mobile device, as top 10 franchises as to ‘comScore’, a/c for less than 42% of time spent. In terms of mobile apps that lost shared from 2013-14, notable example is Safari that dropped from 12 – 5. Non-Google, non-Apple web browser dropped from 4%-2%. Also on the decline were the different categories that went from 6% -3%. However as grouping of all leftovers that didn’t fix on these categories mentioned here, that doesn’t mean it’s considerable.

However, if you’re a small business owner and don’t have an app. Having a web appearance is no longer sufficient, because an online activity continue to shift to devices. You need simply add mobile apps have become important an app marketing tools for business owner to do without.

It raises in phone usage means that mobile apps have become main app marketing tools for firms of sizes including small firms. App Free have increased engagement with client. Many small business owners think that getting mobile app is difficult and expensive.

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