Feb 27

Mobile App Development is Grows Faster in 2017

By: Anna Louise

With the advancement of technology, smartphone has also gained popularity. The main enterprises mobile apps were simple informational apps in general app’s store. They’re designed for end-clients. Since then some companies have changed to creating custom apps that streamline or re-invent customer facing, automotive and employee centric business processes. There’re different types of App Generators are available in market.

Growth of App development & how App Generators will help us!

Because companies try to manage with ever increasing demand from business for apps, we’ve seen emergence of rapid tools that authorize the citizen app developer and enables the business to move forward with initiatives.

The pace of change is un-relenting and app is increasingly seen as less of standalone app’s project and integral to digital initiative that lengths the IOT, data analytics, process management, augmented realities and more. New sectors that are gaining attentions and we consider will grow in 2016-2017 are AMI- ambient intelligence and AI- artificial intelligence.

Mobile Users have surpassed the desktop users that will grow more in coming years. It provides a room to bring innovations to app development command. Mobile App in Google’s store is 2.2 millions in Apple and number houses 2 million mobile apps.

As apps continue to be prime focuses for companies, there’s an increasing interests around AI- artificial intelligence with Personal Digital Assistant and chatbots being the latest technology craze driven through leading company Facebook, Amazon, Google. Artificial intelligence is exhibited by machine to display it as rational agents that may perceive surroundings and making decisions.

This rational agent would be a computer that may simulate communication. Artificial intelligence is a reality as web technological developments in natural languages web processing, mobile, big data, sensors, & cloud come together in a storm.

It’s enables by dynamic combination of app mobile platforms, the big data and cloud, deep learning and neural networks with graphics- GPUs to produce AI. One example of AI is smarty development that may reply and understand from human behaviors by combinations of mobile devices and advanced sensors that interpret actions- location, temperature and facial images. Early example of AI is smart developing systems that reply to presence of users and enjoinment switching lighting and heating accordingly.

Year 2017 will see change in both apps and hype of ‘chatbots’, especially in client facing scenarios where ‘chat’ provides us a voice controlled UI. These personal digital assistants and so called bots will play biggest part in making mobile user friendly, however importantly; they’ll offer best utilities because users continue down the road-of-technology troubles in companies.

While AMI & AI are hot topics that will last to client some mindshare among business in 2017, their use is very much targeted at client facing mobile apps. To date, these technologies have not much app in employee facing process. There’re many AI challenges like usage, integration and data management.

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