Feb 3

Top Trends in Mobile Gaming Apps

By: Anna Louise

Mobile technology is taking our lives by storms. The average time spent by user on their mobile phone for non-voice web contents has increased in 5 times in past few years. To extents it has to do with day to day mobile App Reskin Artist with normal however mobile games are changing into actual reasons why user spends time on mobile.

Mobile Game Industries

Globally, the mobile game industries generated 8 billion in year 2012 reached about USD 100 and is expected to grow to staggering USD 107 billion in 2017. One of the main reasons behind this success is that game is provided and portable one of best forms of entertainment at anytime and anywhere.

The rapid growth of industry has led to whole host of firms providing mobile apps in mobile games space.

Find the key Mobile Apps Developments Trends to Look Forward to Listed Here

  • An expansion pack is an addition to existing mobile games. Till date, expansion pack is resigned to support high profile console games and PC. At the moment, app programmers, App Reskin Artist and developers are warming to idea of expansions pack that remains best method to retain game adopters and make them come for more.
  • Though it’s not an entirely concepts, it’ll be more evident in coming years. With the boom in gaming industries and sky-rocketing costs of getting new clients it seems logical to keep existing clients happy.
  • Rise of Mini Game- mini games are small games that crop-up in larger games. These don’t need addition installation steps and often socially integrated to completion in friends.
  • These will hold importance in future because they help in increasing retention and user engagement.
  • Most mobile games are targeted for the younger generation however trend is changing very fast. With more people from all ages groups becoming increasingly and tech savvy.
  • Developing games apps for mature adults will be next big thing and games further drive home the point that adult’s games are here to stay.
  • Although mobile games like Xbox and PlayStation is becoming better with release. It’s not as any of gaming console are bad however because they’re steadily replaced by flexible and much cheaper options on mobile.
  • User prefer to mobile game on mobile when they’ve free time either as commuting to work or if taking a quick break long work days. It’s something that is not possible on consoles. Mobile apps so have captured the ever growing marketplace and will continue to do in near future.
  • Though US continue to be at top of mobile game ranking list it’s comprises of only 15% of total number of mobile games.
  • The main reasons for this are emergence of new marketplace like India and China.
  • Mobile app developers and App Reskin artist will make their presence felt by dropping the price further for their games in this region, so leading to better revenue.
  • The cost associated with finding new player for apps that generate revenue is already and with growing competitions the cost per install – CPI will increase even more.
  • Even well-known franchises and game will have to pay steep retain and cost to find.

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