Aug 31

Make Easy Passive Income Reskinning Apps

By: Anna Louise

Between Google and Apple’s app stores, there’re currently 3,000,000 apps available to download at any specific time. It has 6 zeros, if you’re counting it. Question arises what does this mean? Developers who are making thousands every month per App Reskin income are now making less than USD 500. Actually, they’re freaking out.  Unfortunately, some users have not forgotten that note and continue to making apps the old way. New developers have already discovered cheaper and simple method to make apps like re-skinning and licensing.

If you’re not familiar with App Reskinning then please note that it is a process of buying license or authorization for source code, with the plan to recreate the artwork, graphics and modify the icon and name.  However, this article is not about re-skinning (Please read more about it by exploring Resources page). That new school developer has mentioned that you’ve to manage development costs as lower as you can in new app market.

You can generate passive income from re-skinning by installing ads network to app from rev-mob, star-app, ad-mob, chart-boost and there’re many other networks as well. Additionally, note that how many times the app will be downloaded from apple app store or Google play’s store.

App Reskin Income

To get App Reskin Income, you need to give app re-skin feel and look original. Is originality in the mind of re-skinner? It must be! As easy it’s to ride according to viral trend. It’s not exact fire way to drive the revenue and downloads. It can cause lot of criticism not only from developers but from other people as well.  So you need to establish win-win situation between user and re-skinner. It can be possible if you’ll use the app’s framework, good quality performance, resist the lure of imitations, repetitions, small retailer’s issues and make trade-mark. You need to learn about themes, screenshots, better keywords, money as agreed by developers and ad networks.

Passive income generation is almost dream for everyone, it’s not that tough to get some supplemental income and build it in time to get dream. These ideas need some work if you want to do upfront investment to make it possible. It’s risky and no guarantee to get back. Thus, remember as we have explored these opportunities. These four ideas are P2P loans, App development, mutual funds and cards.

  • P2P loans

This is way of cutting out the bank in this process. It increases the return amount on investments. You may see the breakdown on returns after making account however claim will returns 8.89%.

  • App Development- Particularly re-skinning

This has become a tread and good subject. You can build your own app and making new app is very costly as you need to hire developer.  However Reskinning has drawbacks as well like it reduces the eco-system and creates problems. The issue with this logic is that Apple is not cleaning the eco-system they can’t do full care. They utilize it as marketing plot to attract people to purchase iPhones, with millions apps.

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