Jul 26

Most important point you look when reviewing an App

By: Anna Louise

Efficiency and Usability are two main factors which should be considered. You need to understand both and how they’re required as service. You should also review and analyze app’s rating, clustered data and user reviews. Users can also rate it on Google-Play Store. In this modern world, there’re online review form specific companies, buyer’s regret should be for past things. There’s no mistake only lack of knowledge or research. You can share your views and experience about a game from mobile. For example Yelp is user review site. App Reskinning services Online is not our focus but it is used to making money through games and App Reskinning 2016.

Developers should follow user’s experience and views. Lets discuss Usability first, a term which is important during development period and context of developing apps. Now questions arise why it’s so important. A successful game or app should work properly. People have no time even to click and accomplish some tasks.

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The average user takes few seconds or milliseconds to submit an opinion in reviewing app. This judgment will finally impact and shape perceptions you need from potential customer. But you’ve to consider negative words as well. It is combination of Intuitive Design and/or user interface, Ease of learning, Efficiency of use, Memo-ability, Error prevention and User Satisfaction. In App Reskinning 2016, a century of technology has made possible for you to get information on internet or can use provider’s App Reskinning services Online.

When this reason doesn’t drive the position home, let’s discuss about earning money. Any app that has good design, story, theme then it will get fame right after its launch. If your app is useful then less training is required. If developer will follow this then they will efficiently save testing or update costs.

The next we should discuss efficiency and methodology for effective usability. The maximum growth in mobile technology is due to efficiency. In this ear, everyone uses mobile device and they want to use website and apps particularly designed for it. Now, to ensure app or website (product), efficiency is important like usability.  It means you should know the answer of this question like Can necessary tasks be accomplished in a given or required period of time? Not more than it.

You should follow a simple mantra that when you want to do a work, finish it with 100% accuracy and efficiency otherwise don’t start it. This is main expectation of user from a mobile app. While efficiency means data efficiency as well, for example, smart-phone app uses 3G/4G data is like to be forgotten and downloaded when you want any app, ensure that app is using data efficiently. Efficiency is tester measure how many step and time is required for the user to complete basic tasks.

  1. Company’s solution comes in all sizes and shapes, to create innovative ways to handle process more efficiently.
  2. App eliminates operational ineffectiveness from equation.

Anyone can get into App Reskinning 2016 business or field. You can use best App Reskinning services online of any provider. It is used to change the graphics but code remains same.

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