Aug 9

App Reskinning business without Technical Apps Experience

By: Anna Louise

If you want to start App Reskinning Services business without any technical skills, it is perfect idea but due to lack of engineering skills you’ve hurdles to converting idea into reality. Then we can stop these problems that come into your path. In this article, we’ll discuss about user experience, starting App Business without any coding skills and How to start this business. We’ll discuss background and experience as company and as user’s experience.

App Reskinning Services

Every technical start-up founder is developer. As a company, you don’t need any technical experience. You need product validation, market fit, marketing, retention, engagement of clients, App Reskinning Services, managing finances or accounting, etc. This is last list. Actually, you can learn through code by joining any course. To drum-up the main version of mobile app, you need basic skills only.  One is MVP or minimum viable product that provides core values to clients. Once product will be validated then world will open to you with unlimited possibilities.

You can hire professional developer at initial level so that you can generate revenue through first app. You can convince easily to professionals by showing expertise of your team. You can also hire an external team of professionals or partner that has experience in this field. You’ll see ‘Arkenea LLC’ as an example, more than 70% of clients have non-technical founder, some of them wants to raise funds, awards and obtain more than 3 million in downloads of their mobile apps.

You can also use App’s builder, this industry has its full share of tools like Como and Build Fire, to make own apps without writing a code. App making is because of team work that needs depth of analytical experience and understanding to create highly functional documents and stunning UX/UI.

I want to explain all these topic in simple English language and user makes own Apps. Instead of trying everything, you should first clear your concepts. You should Understand the problem, Talk to anyone and everyone and Think outside the box. It can give you success. Before entering into the world of App development, App Reskinning Company should think what type of approach they will adopt.  Are you interested to astound by users and build native apps which integrate to Android or iOS platform?  You can find many articles about native and hybrid topic.  Some will explain that mostly apps are hybrid; war between these 2 sides is already over.

Now we will discuss about speed to market, releases cycle and user experience. By observing main difference in these two frameworks, I can say that with higher investment, most companies choose native to work on long term basis.

Do it right now?

It is time to market it. However, when a company decides to build a mobile app and offers App Reskinning Services, they’re playing catch up with competitors or have recognized an opportunity previously available. Now executive want the app built out and uploaded ASAP. Native apps have best user experience.

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