Aug 15

What you can learn from App Reskinning?

By: Anna Louise

We should start App Reskinning business from basic. Reskinning is a process of making new mobile apps with help of different designs and existing source code. We can make small modifications to code. We can develop it up to some extent but actual sense to make or save money on a piece of string.  In this article we will explain App Reskinning with examples.

In 1950s an American producer ‘ Mr. Roger Corman’ came with profitable ideas. He identified about requirements of users and also hired a crew of actor and even the movie sets to make ordinary film. While multinational group was working on moves only, he gathered money in cinemas by following trends. His work was not masterpiece however he has managed to earn more and making capital.

In this case, same process is followed. You have used a code for example, creating a design and multi-lined slot machine games and some versions and gets revenue. However find below some real examples.

Benefits of App Reskinning

This process is about saving. It reduces your spending money, time and people.


You can create reskin apps in different periods. It varies and depends on some factors like sounds, concepts, many graphic elements and quality of bought code etc. For instance, when you select any complicated theme, you will need to work for long term basis. But if you can change graphics then this process will be fast. However main benefits are that you don’t need to work from scratch. Buying Source Code means you are avoiding dangers such as paying incompetent developers or wrong ideas.


Buying ready source code is also cheaper than creating it. At this marketplace we may find price like USD 49/app. Now same money you can pay in an hour.  After working on reskin process we can decrease our expenses by changing a successful source code into some smaller projects. Also, each mobile game or an app may target different users and brings your money from different groups. In these case reskinning of app is popular process.


Human as capital- in this situation, can be considered as a separate option because some companies tries to build app empires on their own. For example ‘John Hayward-Mayhew’- in only 4 years that he managed to produce 600 different mobile apps and earns 25-million downloads.

Steps to make a Reskin App 

You can review successful and great series of reskin apps you should think on it. Trust it or not, it is also possible to make some amount with time, dedication and money. To create successful reskin app you should follow qualitative design and complete source code.  You should start with basic, follow iOS, Android and xCode, Now get source code, make a research and start reskinning.  Also sign-up for developer accounts and ad-networks and after preparation you may upload your app on store. Now you need to work on App store optimization that means adds unique title, keywords, description, screenshots, icons and meaningful details. Add app reviews and rating.

Thus App Reskinning is buying a code so you can modify it as per requirements. It is ethical because you are not stealing anything.