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7 Different Mobile Apps are driving Profits for Businesses

By: Anna Louise

Mobile apps development is perfect business model. It makes enterprises revenue and helps it in growths. 64% of adults in the US have mobiles, tablets, smartphone and doesn’t account for the audience under age of 18. Out of 64%, another 34% use a mobile phone because main way of connecting and online on social media. App Store Apps is digital platform where apps are uploaded.

Generating revenue and App store Apps for every lifestyle

Mobile apps market is huge; either it’s new game or photo editing mobile apps. Users are spending on average, 3 hours day looking at tablets and phones, this number is expected to remain to rising because of mobile technical advances. From the influence of the main feature like G.P.S down to the mere reality that users are walking around the internet connect system in pockets, mobile phones have open while new world of chances for app marketers in the small and large business.

If you’re running a company and have your own unique idea, then you’re in right way. Make sure of a perfect ideas you should earn a profit. There’re many ways that are used for app monetization. Let’s take a look in all possible ways company may make money from apps. Monetization methods are freemiums, Freemium apps that allows different purchases, advertising on freemium apps, parenting with sponsor.

Find below some important ways that give profit from app business.

1. Geo-Targeted Push Notifications

Push notifications and messages are basically two used mobile app marketing tools that are known to yield good results. With millions of users around app marketing tools that are working to produce outstanding results. If you’ve branded app and like to drive engagements and clients participations, push notifications and messages may be very effective if used in proper way.

Reviewing the year 2010, then Google C-E-O ‘Eric Schmidt’ has talked about how future of app mobile will be serendipitous and autonomous. Mobile devices should present audience with detail about world around them in a proper way. However, web technology has become a reality now and a boon to app business.

2. Additional Sales Opportunities

One of the main problem to leverage apps is that mobile are opened new world of engagements and shopping opportunities. Interaction in business and clients have grown to became geo-agnostic. The morning transform, waiting for movie tickets and sitting in office are all places user can use mobile.

3. Geo-Targeted Advertising

The main targeted and ad-story goes something like it, a potential home-owner is like stuck in traffic on a daily commute home and looks-out his windows to study sign-on new housing app development that says if you’ve lived here, you’ll come now. Now multiplying that time’s a million and you’ve got smartphone powered targeted and power of modern advertising.

4. Dynamic Offers

If you tie-up in technologies like geo-targeting and notifications, magical things happens at that time. Businesses may use data gathered by campaigns and geo-tracking to deliver offers.  For instance, very time sensitive inventory and movie theaters that go to waste at the specific time and can’t be re-covered.

5. Data Gathering

One of powerful tools to online businesses is that they may easily track clients make up from moments, a user lands on website. These’re simple questions for web-masters to reply, however good-luck figuring that out in App store Apps.

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