Sep 13

Why App Store Optimization (ASO) is Important for Developers?

By: Anna Louise

People often see that they published your app on the apple app store or Google paly store. You will see your app happily live but will disappear after the 10-14 days. The reason is that there are more than 5 billion in the app store each of them want to be seen download.

There are lots of number of the apps are growing every day, you have to need make strong app marketing strategy. Through the strong strategy your app to make good way to the top as well as good downloads.

The App Store Optimization is one of the key elements of the mobile marketing and this is standing on the four pillars



3-Top charts


ASO is the process of optimizing the visibility as well as conversion rate to install of both mobile app and game in the play stores.

Advantages of ASO

There are four benefits of the ASO for example

Increase visibility

When your app store listing is optimized, this will start ranking in the search result. There are lots people who want to make app like you.

Get free installs for your app

By improving the visibility of the app, you can get various organic visits.

Stable cash flow from the downloads

When your app is optimized and has great visibility, you will definitely get lots of downloads and stable cash flow if you monetize your app in any way ads, purchase and subscription.

The key elements of ASO for developers

  1. Keyword research
  2. Conversion rate optimize
  3. Monitoring

There are the two types of the factors which effect on the ASO strategy one is the on Meta and other one off Meta.

ASO on metadata factors

There are factor that under the control of developers in which include are App Name / Title, URL / package, Keywords field (only App Store), Short description (only Google Play), Description (both App Store and Google Play), Category (?), Developer name, Graphic elements: Icon, Screenshots, Video preview, and App Size.

ASO off metadata factors

In the other words, the off metadata is not directly controlled by the developers, but they have impact on the volume and velocity of the installs and users review. Developers cannot change these factors but can influence them along right ASO as well as marketing actions.