Feb 28

Why we do Develop Mobile Apps Business?

By: Anna Louise

Mobile apps are no longer considered a ‘branding exercises’ for small enterprises. The Businessman is becoming very wise to app marketing power well-designed, instinctive mobile apps may bring a lot. From simplifying online purchases to provide easy to access details, the benefits are undisputable that is why small businesses should create mobile apps to stay reasonable. AppnGame has launched different App Templates and games.

Why small companies should create apps in last years, the rising cost of app developers made mobile apps impossible expenses in small business setup. Now, a growth of app development kits that streamline the mobile apps process and allow even non-coders to develop fully functional the mobile app have dramatically reduced the cost of developing mobile app.

The fast development and affordability’s times these kits have encourages new business than ever to develop their mobile apps. As social media use continues to rise, clients are becoming open to engage with companies on day to day basis, even when they are not especially good or buying of any business.

App marketers and business owners are capitalizing on clients’ needs for interaction by producing entertaining apps. As being fun to use inspirational or informational a common properties of mobile app is that they add features a strong call to action to persuade the audience to buy a product or in some possible waits for the company in questions.

Types of small Business are creating Mobile Apps and App Templates!

A per recent survey of 40202 mobile apps are developed with an app development platforms found that as expected business like gyms and restaurants were prevalent, other like hotels, golf courses, plumbers, politicians were also on rising.  However why are these web industries creating apps? However, as the ease of developing apps increases.

You’ll find different App Templates developed by designers that you can pick according to requirements.

You can buy Android/iOS Apps Source Code Click Here.

One off investments in system like in app bookings or payments may save the business money in long terms as they decrease the amount of time staff needs to spend fulfilling the order or completing bookings and taking payments. For the business that can fulfill customers at different locations, the abilities to portfolio or show data using mobile app can make the difference in closing the sales and losing the prospects to competitors.

As per new survey it’s shown that 62% of businesses have asked apps were in the process of development. Of those, 20% used their mobile purely for enterprises purposes, 30% have generating profit and 50% use them for engagement and support. We’ve to spend 174 minutes on mobile devices on a daily basis. The Mobile sale is estimated to be reached USD 74 Billion in 2015- more than 32% from 2013. 30% of online purchases by Millennial are down on devices.

But, mobile apps are not for e-commerce businesses. Push notification may be used to put brand-name directly in from of mobile’s owners. Mobile apps are used for all types of activities like file uploads, booking systems, newsletters, vouchers, supports, providing information, etc.

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