Mar 29

The small problems with Mobile Games, Apps and Ads

By: Anna Louise

With mobile games created to generated more revenue than console games and PC an initial stage, you can forgive that mobile app/games industry was in good position. In realities, the main profit is generated by handfuls of publishers like War-gaming, Super-cell, and king. Due to a harsh economy of free to play, many developers work hard to monetize games and apps.  It’s very true that you can use Apps to Make Money.

Small Problems with Games and Apps to Make Money

At first stage, you’ve to invest thousands of dollars upwards to create a game/app that you’ll give away for free. User will need another small treasure to throw at UA- user acquisition. Therefore, you’ve got players coming into games.   Now a question arises why? As 1% of them can go on to spend money. If you’re lucky, so volume is main key.

Due to this a backdrop, you may consider that serving advertisements will be an absolute no brainer for developers and publishers, shows an ability to monetize the rest of 99% of player’s base. However ad-monetization process accounts of 38% of in-app purchases income.

Due to this issue, playing some potential hits like Max Payne, GTA is difficult. Some well-known enterprises have tried to solve problems with failed and game-pads. Classic game pads appear on the market with classic games. Playing on smartphone or tablet has become more comfortable after linking it to TV.

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An advertising and In-app purchase allows developers to make money from free apps. However, to make money from a free app, you have to register online.

The phone-joy Bluetooth game pad allows users to play games on mobile without any pain and use Apps to Make Money. The components are also standard pad on a left side, four buttons on right side, analog sticks and shoulder buttons. However, there’s an important different of phone-joy game pad for mobile from classic consoles joy sticks. It’s divided into 2 parts that enable a good hold of smartphones from all sides. Thus, makes it similar to handy consoles like a PS-vita.

This problem removes lots of problems, at once- you can control both game-pad and smartphones, gaze is directed at a single point and ‘Phone-joy’ pad is very compact which fits well into pocket of a jacket. It connects to mobile view Bluetooth and this game allows us to use controller. This innovation is supported by apps and games. But more than 200 famous games are supported constantly.

Nowadays, Mobile Gaming Market has introduced popping ports from PCs and consoles. They are very interesting and beautiful. But, playing these apps or games on mobile is possible by linking the game-pad. This pad for mobile is perfect solution nowadays. Developers have simple relationship with an advertisement as they may effect on players experience.

An angry bird’s fans are accepting rewards ads that if ‘Rovio’ removes ads from transformers for players who play it with money. For success, you need to process the profitability formula, provide compelling platforms, including delight and surprise, be a resonate brand and add social features.

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