Sep 12

Find The Best Android App For Designers

By: Anna Louise

Which one of the Best Android Apps for the designers? Here we are bringing you five favorite apps for the designers.The android tablets are become increase famous tool for the designers from all corner of the world.

There are millions of the apps in the Google play store, this is very taunting task to pick out what worthwhile downloading.

Moreover, we have collected different android apps that become valuable assets for all the designers. Certain Best Android App in the app store, you must know about these apps.


The sketchbook is made by Autodesk Inc. this is fairly basic paint program. This provides plenty of tools, colors and options to develop some seriously attractive and unique design without spending any time.  In addition, it provides you high quality brushes that help to make attractive painting. You can also play with the tool‘s photo effect.

Graphic Design Studio

This is made by Macware, the tool is simple but also perfect for the beginners. The program allows you build a vector art. Moreover, this app is great for building several things like icons, buttons and email graphics.

Logo design studio

The logo studio is the premium version of the sketchbook. The lite version comes with 110 designed and 400 vector graphics. The pro version of the app comes with the slogans and taglines that offering guidelines around the trademark process.


The app is made by Mapdiva, the apps help to creators to design the logos, drawing, web graphics fashion and technical drawings. The software is simple tools and not many pre designed templates or graphics, this does not have layers features and offers quick access and photo folders.


This is open for everyone who wants to create, unique and high resolutions. The professionals can develop easily graphics in their documents, presentation, marketing and much more. The jumsoft has 2800 pieces of original and pre art clip graphics. There are just few examples of the graphics. You will explore the categories of the leisure and toys.

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Fontly is an app that is made by the designers of the Brendan Clecko. The fontly is worked as a sort of topography lovers. You can get full screen experience along the community‘s curated typography.


It provides you good function like iOS , this is  hugely attractive UI graphics that still allow a great degree of personalization. But sadly, this has purchased by yahoo. The indie startup supporters have to look elsewhere.