Sep 5

Best Android Apps for Every Occasions

By: Anna Louise

If you’re already familiar with app world then we don’t need to inform you about discovered apps on Google, Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft app store may be extremely difficult. You can promote Best Android Apps in several ways. This list is provided by app promotion firms and guides about this murky word. But you’ll learn more when you’ll try with devices that give big benefits.


Don’t think Apple’s store and Google Play are only one channel for app. You can see different directories which can assist you. Some of this store will give best cut of revenue than traditional 70-30 % ratio offered in store. Few will target your audience in markets like Africa and Asia. Let them offer your app because white label item. Some can help you by offering full space to succeed.

For example if you want to change Android ringtones to match personality or un-earth a crowd of new ringtones and sounds to allocate unique tone for each of contacts- you need an app!

Best Android Apps

If you’re Android user and finding Best Android Apps for phone then you’re at right side. A blogging app helps you to manage your phone, reading activities that will support you.

Thus you should use laptop or desktop to be available to check the status. No doubt you have got great phone and you need to maximize its usefulness that have more fun. However you’re finding app to amuse kids. It is also available.  You can also use apps to clean-up storage, boosting up phone and more. It will make managing apps and privacy easier.

  • Ever-note: This is very powerful organizational tool that you may add in your life. You can take snap, attach documents and take notes. You can make list, travel arrangements, track expenses and change business cards to contacts. You can use it by loading Ever-note into your system.
  • Apps which improves life

This app funnels the modification from purchases to investment account.  It can set money and invest in future. This is a free app.

  • Duolingo-

In this world people speak different languages. Duolingo is best method to learn all languages. Bets for Kids as well!

  • Health App- Fooducate Weight Loss coach

This app will tell you about food value.

  • Water Drin Reminder

This will track water intake in your body.

Games for Young Children

This is perfect game for pre-schooler and toddler.

Kids baby phone with Animals

If your child needs to make call then this will them in learning numbers and animal. This app works properly for kids and toddlers from Kindergarten age.

Kids Fruit shots

This is perfect for kids. It is available in all additions.

Jigsaw Puzzles Real

This stimulates mind. You can upload pictures. This app is perfect for kids, teens and adults.

Garden Manager: Plant Alarm

This app will help you to find water in fertilizers. You can maintain progress.

Inform us about your favorite and Best Android Apps.  If you liked this article please share with us.

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