Jul 1

Why the best isn’t always winner?

By: Anna Louise

As you’re well aware about evolution of technology, when we consider information technology field that often new things quickly supplant and emerge the incumbents as other can take decades to take-off- when they get widespread traction at the end. Thus, for customers, investors and businesses the basic issue is with differentiating point, winner and a slow loser? Apps Reskinning Services should also use for discovering new ideas for Android, iPhone etc.

Let’s consider an example about puzzle that in terms of new technology of how fast they’re able to get mainstream adoption, players, and disturb existing market.

Why you should focus on creativity?

Normally, we work hard to become better in competition which is not easy. Nowadays companies have developed thousands of apps with vast arrays of verticals through hospitality, tourism, media and more. They can provide multiple solutions with their technical knowledge on mobile projects with likes of Apple and Samsung. Their ream exactly knows what should be placed and when. These are apps where they’ve develop many millions dollars on monthly basis and have millions of downloads. They deliver successful stories. Games with full scale, end-to-end business solution they’ve apps for every budget, business, platform and device.

App Reskinning Company is established to provide app services, design and best way to earn money. Hopefully all are smashing it. Being different, you’ve have to take care of budget as well. In world of app, develop can compete with big studios with more creative and profitability chances. They huge studios have more resources however with constant pressure and large over-head to make themed apps that are harmonious.

What happens actually here? 

Creativity is about ideas that are welcomed by everyone. For example a farmer prepares fields before adding seeds. It means physical and mental resources should be gathering for new ideas. We make plan and time table, as unconsciously we forget many things. Mostly developer tries to develop a perfect game in low cost. And after getting feedback it is improved. They can add extra-features in app. Checkout our ready app for sale Pharaohs Fantasy Slots.

To gather feedback for games, you should add more levels, coin to gather game-play, add/delete ads, upload videos, Bonus rounds etc. Changing contents regularly, proper advertisement is required at right time.

Actual question is how to use any technology, in terms of complementary services and technologies. You need to look thoroughly about nay technology or mobile apps (new and old). Interview the expert people and know the change in field. Also don’t compare your idea with others. Also compare with old apps. Take it as challenge. Sometime, not converting into new technology makes sense. Now people are very fixed on competition, which get more likes, followers and grades. It’s important to understand the scenario.

There’re 5 main reasons why being best is not always winner. It includes, burn out, under pressure, speed leveling game over and real life sacrifices.

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