Jan 12

Develop and Bug free Source Code Template

By: Anna Louise

If you have code template with different language, source code to create templates is also used. You may edit it as per your requirements. If developing an app or game, it will be good idea to start from template instead of starting from root or scratch. App template will give main start because it allows is to begin work from existing code base. You may use and bug free source code template and customize it to add monetization methods and features like in-app purchases and AdMob.

Bug free Source Code Template

Google provides sample app template that you may download for free, but this sample app template is not complete mobile apps and mostly provided to explain a single feature to programmers and developers. Nonetheless, these free app templates provided by Google is perfect starting point if you need to build your mobile app from scratch and are customizing of pre-built iOS/Android mobile app templates that we can mention in our articles.

We’ve selected the 12 best app templates that offer easy documentation and customization source code to get you have started in publishing own app in store. This template is designed as per Google’s specification that is material design. Please note that these app templates are also available on small prices. Now time is also saved and price is also justified. You may get help from developers of mobile apps if you are stuck with it.

One of main reason template is popular as of plugins that provided to your site advanced functionalities with setup and download. With plugin and library support, you can do advance work with minimum efforts. However, main task is done with code. After developing a template or site, you should read comments or reviews from customer. You can add more materials such as source files, scripts, fonts, designs, stock photos, and user guides etc.