Feb 10

Various Creative Ways to Promote Apps for Free

By: Anna Louise

Spreading the word about brand spanking app is tough effort. For those of us, who don’t have money or connections to get featured on ‘Tech-Crunch’, you got to roll up sleeves, lather-up the familiar elbow grease and get to hustling to get name out there. AppnGameReskin is app’s entrepreneur’s market and browse it to Buy & sell Apps.

Names of full Buy and Sell Apps in Marketplace!

Here’s list of 20 dirty ideas and quick for promoting app for free of cost. This list is by no-means exhaustive however it must give you some ideas of all different things you may be doing something for your help. It’s based on many rules. The one rule is fine line in spreading work and spamming, no-body like spammer so don’t be one.

Guest blogs is getting all links to site and increasingly visibilities in ranking. Use ‘mailchimp’ to develop and measure campaigns. On mobile app site you must collecting e-mails addresses of audience interested in app, use Mail-chimp to develop an e-mail relationships with these Audience.

Facebook – It goes without saying: develop Facebook webpage! After that, check out groups like NYC, Startup, SF & App Business person where you may endorse mobile app & get feed-back.

Twitters – Tools like ‘TweetAdder’ to mechanically cultivate a Twitter following for mobile app. ‘TweetAdder’ is by far favorites Twitter tools & for USD 50 you get strong automatic tools that follows un-follows and generates tweets-RTs as per rules you define.

Well worth tiny UAS investment, you hurry before they switch to subscription based model! Twitter – look to integrate cards into contents which are shared from app to twitter. Cards are effective method of engaging audience with interesting contents right in Twitter feed.

If you’ve good contents coming out of mobile app, cards gives you powerful method to marketplace. Start kickstarter campaign. Even if you don’t want money, this campaign is effective method to develop awareness for projects in down to earth.

It was perfect tool for us to spread word about mobile app in development. Promote products at different setup like in ‘Meetups’. If you’re or SF or NYC, there’s seemingly no-end to meet-up events that exist for user to chat and mingle about their products and startups.

Google+ is considered best due to its main concept of communities. Share web contents from app in Pinterest and Scoop it. Type in apps is other site or you’ll greet by countless boards that you can participates in. Google+ is considered best due to its concepts of communities.

Google+ is considered best due to its concept of communities. Like Linked-in and face-book, this app communicates like internet startups and mobile app developers.

If you’re creating blog spots website, posting to these forums is perfect way to get traffic your website. If your mobile app is still in beta phase, submit it to beta lists, a website devoted to spreading the word on new services and products that are still in beta phases.

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