Mar 8

AppnGame is the Best marketplace to Buy Android and iOS Source Code

By: Anna Louise

If you are an app or game developer and interested to earn passive income for a block of Source Code or when you are a developer who wants to save time to Buy Android and iOS Source Code, AppnGame has got interesting propositions for you. Out company has a new website that can act as a marketplace for code. Its objective to bring developers ‘high-quality’ and ‘high-level’ source code solutions for web ventures and development projects.

A New Platform & Developer Network to Buy Android and iOS Source Code

It promises that all source code sold is properly tested and mature- a promise that is fulfilled in a company’s developer selection and screening process. You may go to buy or sell an auction system coded in PHP or JavaScript image manager, the source code packages that will make projects then you will fell fewer headaches and work process will be faster.

For example, if you are working on an e-commerce project of an app, you may buy the PayPal-API abstraction class for direct payment features and Express Checkouts. It’s also written in PHP and you may purchase a single website license for USD 25, a multi-website license will run in lowest cost. However if you will buy Android or iOS Source code, you’ll get all fixes and updates of a specific code for future.

You have an opportunity to contact a developer when you can add and also get money back guarantee. If you’ll see website of AppnGame you will admit that it’s pretty nice, too. It seems less effort is required from everyone involved than ‘rent-a-coder’ type contracting solutions or outsourcing and it costs less. Some source codes are free of cost and with many attractive packages. You may see a demo of Source code before you purchase it.

Additionally to stand alone components and one language, AppnGame provide code packages for the framework like Django, Cake-PHP, & platforms like Joomla and WordPress.  We are fairly new initiative, and its market offering is slender so far.  Thus, to kick these things off and incentivize developers to buy and sell code on websites, the enterprises are running a developer contest with more than USD 40,000 in cash and prized for a winner.

You can Buy Toy Rush Android Game Templates Just in $9

The sponsors of contents include PayPal, Microsoft, Google, Amazon web services, Temple, O’Rielly, and others.  However, the idea of code market is new. It’s timed for current game or app market development. You see lot of new ideas floating around in early 2001s; but, app development, web development and developer eco-system communities are changed now. It’s now time for new and better way to buy and sell Android source code snippets and packages.

AppnGame has very functional and attractive the website that fulfill all requirements and needs of customers. If enough developers flesh-out its source code package inventory then you will see the website being of perfect use to developers, both those who purchase and who sells. AppnGame, focus on great apps and games. In comments, please inform us If you’re buyer or seller of source code for Android and iOS.

Our mission is to help everyone by producing win-win situations. Out marketplace has a team of experience developer to perform code customization which is required to meet the results.  This team can produce the best quality of graphics and programming.

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