Feb 28

Difference in Mobile and Traditional App Development

By: Anna Louise

As more businesses develop their own apps, they’re entering the un-charted territory. Some come from the background in a traditional apps development and not ready to fulfill the mobile app development needs. AppnGame is the unique platform for mobile apps development that allows Android or iOS developers to Buy App Source Code.

Traditional vs Mobile – Buy App Source Code

Here, we’ll explore the main difference in two app developments types and share tips. Mobile websites contents should comply with audience expectations. In most cases, audience through mobile pages in search of specific detail, they need access. Also, available website contents should be clear and accessible needs to under-gone as mobile clear accesses essential functions and information.

On traditional sites, completeness and depth are main factor- an app user should be able to search details of brands in different ways.  A site is accessed through tablet or smartphone with smaller screen and touch-screen navigations.

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From last some years, you’ll see mobility moves from nice-to-have on top priority in business line. As per Gartner’s 2015 C-I-O agenda’s report, mobiles ranks because of the third important priority up from 5th in 2015.  How important is app mobile? Mobile adoption is increased 39% last year. In US web traffic from tablets and smartphones have surpassed desktop clients.

As mobile adoption grows, businesses are the whistle to adapt. Few are developing brand new apps. Others are developing app mobile versions of their existing apps. Many of these businesses are new to mobile or apps development. They come from traditional apps development developing apps for audience. They’re not ready for differences between traditional and apps.  You may increase revenue or profit when you’ll buy source code.  You can save lot of money and precious time.

Nowadays, let’s explore mobile app development guidelines for those who’re venturing into it for the first time. How app development is different and what factors should you think? Find below 7 tips that you‘ll never ignore.

  • User interaction and consider context

The Audience on app’s mobile is more rushed more distracted, and far less patient than desktop users says Garrett Perks- Creative Director and Founder at ‘Even-Vision’.  Band out every non- critical interface and feature if converting desktop interface to app mobile.

One big mistake businesses make their apps- they will try to Impressionist the capabilities of desktop apps in mobile apps. It ignores one of the main differences in desktop and mobile app development- user context.

  • Why is this very important? As mentioned in this article on wired, ‘the world of mobile is significantly a different than that of desktop computer as mobile is all about situation- which is continuously changing.
  • Recognize the value of UE(user experience)

Mobile audience has more options than ever before. When your app is confusing or couldn’t met expectations then they’ll move on different option. This article sums up-to modern mobile audience properly. ‘Mobile client are fickle and intolerant’.  When your mobile app is not knockout on first impressions, it’s going to be deleted or will be forgotten on smartphones.

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