Feb 1

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App?

By: Anna Louise

There’re many different variables the cost of mobile app can range anywhere from USD 5000 to USD 50000, but the price range will be somewhere in USD 100,000 & USD 300,000 with entire development method taking 12 to 20 weeks. For instance, hiring off-shore programmers or developers is cheaper than hiring domestic experts and an established firm will price you more than freelance hire.

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It’s obviously a hefty investment both in money and time. What calculate where an app will fall in a range?  Find below 5 key factors to consider if determining the suitable mobile apps development budget. It’s important that be truthful with priorities and yourself. A golden rule of software development lies in artwork- you may choose 2 attributes of projects, however can’t have all three.

Finding a web app development firm to make perfect quality mobile apps quickly and with an inexpensive budget is red flag.  Once you’ve developed own criteria and selected Buy Reskin Apps.

You get what you pay for if it seems to be good to be true… It probably is.  Let’s assume you need a perfect app that leaves you to select in larger budget with shorter web development timeline or smaller budget with longer timeline.

Your total timeline will be longer as you need time up front for design and definition. If you need to use offshore resources and decreases the cost, you must assume an additional 6 to 12 weeks will be added to web development timeline.

You’re hiring a web developer as they know how to execute well. The basic they will develop core competency in web programming software is when they’ve resource in house. Unfortunately, it’s easy for company to say – no doubt, all of programmers and developers are in house, if that’s not the case.

The lack of basic structure may often make the project expensive than initially planned however allows for far flexibility to adjust the account and product for change and feedback. In waterfall structure, you can set-up fixed free for work. You can spend X on documentation and design.

In waterfall structure, you can set-up fixed fee for work. You can spend on documentation & design and get fixed fee to develop an app for Y.  In an iterative or agile structure, you may be billed for amount of work effort performed. The firm will provide us an estimate of rate that you’ll see. If technologies are foreign to them it’s easy for them to mis-estimate. How cost has compared to basic estimates historically therefore you may better avoid mis-estimation?

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