Feb 15

What are benefits of Unity, How to buy & sell Unity Templates & funding your games assets?

By: Anna Louise

Before 2005, developing the 3D & 2D mobile games & apps for various platforms is quite an activity as game development for different platforms involves a lot of dollars, time and efforts. However the launch of Unity’s engine at Apple’s developer’s conference changed the scenario as mentioned blow. The powerful and strong cross-platform engine is enables in game development for 27 different platforms and different devices in user friendly environment. In this article, we will mention benefits of unity templates so that you can explain when you’ve to buy & sell unity templates

It will provide an all require resources risk readymade assists, tutorials, clear documentation and online community at free to create amazing contents (3D) in mobile games. Rendering, asset tracking, scripting and physics are main features of Unity game’s development which reduces the cost and time of game’s development. It offers flexibility to deploy projects in different platforms. The advantages are stacked up the Unity engine on the top of cross-platform development ladder.

Benefits of Unity Game Templates (While selling you have to mention these points) 

1) Platform support

Now engine is preferred for its support to different platform. The app developed and deployed is easily shared in web, PC and mobile platforms. Also, the agile methodology enables constant release and speedy prototyping that speed-up the mobile game development.

2) Integrated development environment

Now text editor is offered by IDE to mention the source code, however an editor is used by developer to alleviate confusion. Moreover, the development editor helps C# and JavaScript for scripting and offers latest features that are perfect and ideal for the mobile game development.

3) Artwork and Graphics

The visual effects and high quality effects are helped by engine which eases the development. These visual effects are flexible on all types of screen and devices without compromise with top quality and without any distortion.

4) Documentation is important

It is important.  Now app’s developers should understand documentation which is provided by Unity engine. The detailed documentation has explanation of every small topic.

5) Debugging

The tweaking and debugging is amazingly simple with Unity game‘s development as all the game static and variables are shown in gameplay, that allows us to debug the whole process in runtime.


1) Artwork, Graphics

Not to say, however, the Unity game engine lags behind from a geo-graphical point of view. It offers an array of tools to create graphics as opposed to other engines.

2) Physics

In Unity 5 engine, the built-in support for the PhysX physics engine has some performance issues and lacks some important functionality which needs to be added to craft the excellent game app.

3) License cost

Now developer need license for deployment, performance improvements and bets artwork. Also, the buffer support, use of rendering and more features.

4) Code

Source code in Unity is very stable and packed with perfect architecture which improves performance.

Thus, now you know about unity game and hence, buying and selling would be easy for you. Mobile game assets include all that can added into game, sound effects, sprites, 3D modeling, modules, code snippets and complete projects that are used by engine.

Find below some examples-

2D/3D Design:

  • Characters ,Objects, Environments, Vehicles


  • HUD, Icons


  • AI, Special effects, Networking, Physics


  • Background music, Sound effects

Thus, these assets that will give good revenue to be price for market, original, offer variation, and take responsibility while dealing with clients to Buy & Sell Unity game templates.