Feb 1

5 Most Common Mistakes Of Cheap App Reskinning

By: Anna Louise

App reskinning game is a relatively new business in mobile game industry and it’s common to make mistakes in process. Below you may see some common mistake and how to avoid them. However, makes good quality cheap app reskin, although it takes more time,
it’ll have positive outputs. You’ll consider hiring mobile app development to design. Some charge you less if you provide some components. A dynamic data driven roadmap is required to win mobile games.

1. Low Quality Reskins

Although there’re many guide to make low top quality re-skin to upload than five games weekly to app store and earn fast money. It’s not perfect good idea. Bad quality mobile games impact in brand. Audience don’t like something designed, they’ll impact in brand.

Game developing is one of highest profit generating business and many companies are adopting this way now- Top developers in Google’s Play Store. They’ll recognize you for mobile games and eventually they’ll stop playing with them.

Analysis cost will require on whether you develop it yourself; you use one of many suppliers available on marketplace. AppnGame develops apps that are creative for users. Making perfect Cheap App Reskin, it takes more time, I’ll have positive result as user will keep playing with it. It’s important to take care of description & screenshots. Everything has the oriental themes, concordance and good top quality artwork.

2. Respect the technical details

There’re some methodical details that you should follow don’t have any mistakes on the Reskin Apps. The first and main significant thing is to admiration the size of the artwork. A button may be 80x80px; if you develop it bigger, it can be stretched or cut. A good artwork may be ruined as of this. Another main important thing to remember is weight of images app re-skinned.

The original main game may be 15-MB, however if you don’t improve your pictures properly it may be increased to 50-MB. With programs to enhance PNG files like PNG or Tiny-PNG or PNGoo, you may achieve it quickly.

3. Lack of research

You need you’ve a good ideas, purchase a template, do the submit and reskin it to app App’store. What’s missing part? Researching. Between ‘having a good idea’ & ‘buying a templates’ you should find out- Look for comparable ideas to yours. See the target user, if they’re successful or not. Seeing other mobile games similar to your’ own that may be important to select a good app’s template and perfect your cheap app reskin design.

4. Wrong monetization system

A perfect choice to take most revenue of mobile is launch it both on Android and iOS. For this purpose, it’s perfect idea to select multi platform template like app templates available on different companies like Appngamereskin. The real method to make money is to upload it in different websites if possible.

5. Poor marketing

Uploading the app re-skins to store and waiting for money to come, it’ll not work. You uploading the reskin to app’s store and waiting for time and money to come, it’ll not work. You need to advertise your app properly.

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