Jul 18

China’s Market: Technology and Mobile Games Trends 2016

By: Anna Louise

In short time, games in china have came long way. With foreign console bans in 2015; China has increased games for mobiles not Desktop. With this biggest phone market, it’s not surprise that this industry has earned approx USD 7 billion in 2015.  I’ve mentioned some main trends powering the speedy growing Chinese games scene.  China has seen progressive growth in games which is based on established Internet Protocol. China has decided for Reskinning and earning through process of Reskin Apps for Sale.

Mobile e-sports get serious

Nowadays, E-sport is a fast growing market in all over the world; however China is accepting it more than others. We’ve seen in survey that around a 1/4th part of top- Android games are considering some sort of e-Sports functionality, this figure is not correct for iOS. In this year, you’ll be able to use Best Android Apps

Size is not an important factor

One year ago, Chinese gamer like apps that can be downloaded quickly. Back then, some publishers didn’t touch games with big size of 60 MB. Higher download speed has enabled gamers to download.

Chinese developer to the front-end

Today, Chinese games studio have caught-up with top western contents and runs globally. It’s not that every app or game is popular in china. Content should actually earn chance to compete in this marketplace.  It means acknowledging the uniqueness and enabling deep scale localization.  Western games truly need deep level of customization. Join At App n Games and if you are programmer then upload your app by using method of Reskin Apps for Sale.

Marketing a game or app in China

When China comes in worldwide comparison then it’s considered as growing company. China’s store is complex and fragmented and developer can make money by following process of Reskin Apps for Sale. In Reskinning you just need to change theme, icons etc and uploading same app in multiple designs.

Free-to-play is only way!

If you want to be successful in China then you should focus on monetization model. However they want to beat their boss or pass the tricky level that removes obstacles in their progression.  Additionally these players are not keen to draw random lotteries and mechanics. They’ll spend actual or virtual currency for chance to randomly choosing an object or reward; some are incredibly unique and rare. You can use greenify, clean master, Tasker lifestyle, and security apps. All these are considered Best Android Apps.

China’s Mobile Market Is Growing Up:-

For apps and mobile, year 2015 was biggest year. Apps show almost 54% is spent time with digital media. Mobile advertising has generated 20% as advertising revenue and 68% of seniors in USA and now own a smart-phone. Activision also needs mobile app King for USD 6 billion. Also only few selections from past years but 2016 is turning it into more bigger and better. However this year is also going better in globally. There’re hundreds of Best Android Apps available at Play store. You can send us your comments about them. Also browse Photo FX this link and send us your comments.

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