Jul 12

Why Content Marketing Part of your App Promotion

By: Anna Louise

With growing demands as customer experience channel and content delivery, mobile app shows content & substantial digital marketing opportunity. Mobile is actually smart money and web traffic is on these organization and companies that may attract and convert by using content opportunities.

All types of business are using this app for support, engagement and customer services with in-app offer, social sharing opt, event and promotion notification, geo-location and one touch calling, learning and interactivity. Customer retention and satisfaction is a main goal of most business. A happy client that purchases from you & stats other is not valuable. Key chain and paper punch is hassle, however customer wants rewards and loyalty. With mobile technology, now it’s easy to fulfill all these needs. The benefits of mobile apps are getting regular feedback, giving rewards on regular basis, Improving sales and customer experience.

When you’ll start a new Content Marketing Campaign then you have to cover all types of contents like articles, blog, e-books, info-graphics etc. Mobile apps are also content. While it’s confirmed that developing mobile app is intensive then making blog post.  To get more you have to increase and acquire install. It’s same as promoting content piece. There’re different types of contents such as making website, promotion through all platforms, banners, using effective keywords, press releases, cost/install campaign, cross promotion, making video, reviews and engaging bloggers in app.

Promoting an app using content marketing is not different from leverage marketing for any business. These 24 methodologies should be used in launch.  First of all, you should know the needs of user, developing content marketing strategy, establishing keywords, name it, creating your own brand, Building a mobile-first website, establishing marketing automation, Developing utility, Establishing social platforms, Search Engine Optimization isn’t only for SE, Developing content, Creating rich-media suitable to your user group, Distributing your content, Then distributing your contents, And more… LinkedIn Pulse, mobile advertising, social advertising, Retargeting, Leverage e-mail marketing, Pre-launch press release, App Store Optimization, Encouraging sharing on social network, Tracking, measuring, analyzing and adjusting.

Set budget for Content Marketing

53% of marketers focus on content marketing as per website strategies and 51% expect to outer-form all other channel except automation in terms of R.O.I. With this said how we can calculate about how much spend to devote to contents?

According to recent research by content marketing institutes described that most businesses spend approx 25% of their total income on it.  How much you can spend it depends below questions like how old is business? Trying to het traction? How long you’re doing this task? Where is an existing content inventory? You may save money by repurposing in-house marketing material. Please also review Cats dress up iOS.

You’ll require hiring content writers and designers and need proof check of writing and publishing designs like e-mail newsletter, case studies, white papers, videos and podcasts. You can also take services of freelancers. You should know about staff management and oversee contents creating & promotion. Make budget about investment that you can spend on advertising(twitter, facebook, G+, social media sites, share multiple times at social media) and marketing. How do you wish to publish and where you want to publish contents. However it’s very important to make written budget. After getting some knowledge about App n Game Reskin and games for iOS & Android, you can make money.

Creating and Managing a Content Plan

You also need to learn a proper way to organize and managing contents and its publishing schedule. It may be simple like white-board or something more managed like calendar or spreadsheet on G-Drive that you may share in your company. Measure ROI for content marketing like brand awareness engagements, loyalty, lead generation and sales/conversation.

Making Friends with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is best friend of content marketer when it comes to measuring ROIand KPIs. You’ll find thousands of resources that can support to start this task. Everyone wants to make it easy.

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