Feb 9

A History Of Mobile App Industry And Planning Of Development Process

By: Anna Louise

The evolution of mobile industry does not go un-noticed. We’ve come long way from playing snake on Nokia 3310.  It’s impossible to discuss the history of app development without first looking at phone. The first hand help phone was demonstrated by Motorola and Mitchell, using handset weighing around 5 pounds- 2kg. You can Create App by following some method.

Planning of Development Process and Create App in Industry

If you go back to history of apps then you may figure out that few java Games, calculator or calendar were all that came under categories. As then technologies have moved at a rate including feature on mobile phone as you’re out or monitoring heart rate & blood pressure all through apps of-course.

Fun facts about mobile phones- you can call some users a day in area due to network range issues. As the terrible battery life you can make calls for 30 minutes day and had to charge to mobile phones for 10 hours. We would like to introduce one of first mobile apps created to entertain, the app snake, introduced in the year 1998 because basic standards loading app or game on mobile, this became a sensation.

As digital advertising professional and marketers, you don’t think much about history of advertising. However we consider it’ll be especially beneficial for you to know what makes mobile advertising.  You need to know evolution of mobile and history what makes it important.

Whether it’s logging in fitness apps or searching your method to nearby restaurant, apps have all of it and they’ve important of life. It’s estimated that 80% of audience like app in traditional sites. Due to growing number of tablet and smartphone audience, large and small business is looking to Create App that help them to get business in required audience.

The following steps are required in order to get developed Create App. You need select geography here. This is first step starts with location of your target user.  App marketplace is growing rapidly and so this competition is increasing continually. There’re 2 aspects that you must consider as creating a mobile app.

There’re millions of mobile apps in store and it’s pertinent to note that app development have to be attractive and audience centric. Once you’ve framed the concepts and got basic rights, the next step would be to develop budget of mobile app developments. There’re many things that include designing, budgeting, development, testing, recurring cost marketing expenses and all budgeting.

You’ve to analyze business plan budget accordingly.  It’s important to get acquainted with whole process of app development. All steps have its own value and best way to get an app developed would be agile process as in this method, you will interact with developer in entire project and changes if made in reality.  There’re different mobile platforms like Windows Mobile, iOS, Android and blackberry.

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