Feb 28

Android is a Perfect Platform for Developers

By: Anna Louise

The popularity of mobile apps and client based apps has grown in the last decade. App’s store is flood with billions of apps covering topics and genres. Gaming has traditionally been a skillful driver of knowledge, whether you’re talking about software/hardware performance, the varieties of artwork, input methods and support. You can use any mobile service company to Create Your Own Game.

Importance of Andriod Platform & Create Your Own Game

Mobile and exactly the Android platform are not different – gamers and games drive the marketplace forward more than any genre or app category & will continue to spawn devices upgrades for the predictable future.

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Android is a complete set, however still growing, a platform that many game programmers have embraced.  Android is widely distributed and well-established platform, however, the capabilities of Android devices are starting to surpass the capabilities of recent generations console system.

The diversities of an audience, regarding genders, age and taste makes it a perfect platform for app/game development enterprises, bother small and large.  There was time if successful games came from big publishers. These game’s giants have a lot of big professional or developer and talented license. They had resources to develop games platform technologies and services that can be leveraged over and to create high-performance games.

On console and desktop system, it’s virtually impossible for an independent or small developer to enter these spaces at their end; the barriers to entry were too high. Mobile is proved to be very democratic app/game development market. It’s because the user base is very diverse and large that there’re some opportunities to search your niche.

However, there are some other reasons- app developer has game development services and tools at their disposal than ever before. Without them, game development will not be achievable in fast paced industry.

Android is perhaps the most developed of all gaming platforms, regarding services and tools available. The Android development team, partners and Google like Intel have put their efforts into ensuring platform’s success by providing APIs, services, and tools to help the boot-strap project and verify their success.

For instance,

  • Developers: You’ll find it very easy because anyone may write and publish it. Android apps are written in Java that is very popular languages in its rights and popular OOP languages in science classes around the world.
  • Development Tools: These are available for free. There’re not license free or expensive compilers. Eclipse is a familiar Integrated Development Environment, the up & coming Android Designs Studio is anticipated & standard tools are continuously improving and fully featured.
  • Android S-D-K: The Android SDK is full featured and a robust set of APIs that developers will find easy-to-use. Open-GL support enables them to write graphics intensive apps, as Android’s developed in animation libraries and basic graphics.
  • Native Development: Game programmer or developers who need to control their C++/C game libraries may select to control the Android N-D-K instead of re-writing everything.

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