Sep 29

What is the Difference Between Single and Multiple License – A Complete Guide

By: Anna Louise

There are lots of people that are often confused about the main difference among the buying a Single and Multiple License. So that is reason, we have written proper guideline about the difference between two license.

On the appngamereskin marketplace, you will able to find lots of app & game of every kind. By purchasing an app template, you can not only save your money but also save your time. You can see that whenever you buy an app. you not just purchase only just app but you have to buy license for the customization process.

License Description

There are two type of license such as,

1-Single license

2- Multiple licenses

Single App license:

The AppNGameReskin single App license permits the use of purchased item for both commercial and personal uses, without paying extra fees. Single App License provides the perfect use of the purchased items for the one project that is your own or on behalf of your clients.

You have no right to sell this product or a part of the project to anyone. The project under the single app license is not allowed to resell in a bundle of files.

Use Single App License for:

  • You can editing the code or for further developing the product
  • You can Integrate the product for one app reskin
  • One can distribute the product as a binary only; you cannot distribute or resell source code.
  • One can Use for commercial purposes
  • One can source code distributions restricted

Multiple App Licenses:

Multiple app License can use for personal and commercial purposes without extra charges.

Multiple app License is more expensive as compare the regular license but you cannot sell the source code “AS IS “editing is required for generating a sublicense.

Use Multiple App License for:

  • You can editing the code or for further developing the product
  • You can use For redistributing and sublicense of the projects
  • One can Integrate the product in unlimited numbers of app reskins/multiple projects

If you own restaurant, you have need an app that keep your customers engaged, you have to buy a single license. If you want a sticker app for Christmas you will buy a multiple license as you make a sticker app for Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween and many more.

This guideline must help to make difference between two licenses while making purchase. You will explore this information on appngamereskin official page.