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Browse Simply is a free web browser for android devices with Fast Download, Data Saving, Ad-Block functionality, and helps you access online music & video, with smooth experience. Save whole web page as .png image for later reading. Browse Simply can save up to 50% of data usage & ram while browsing.

Browse Simply is a unique web browser app same like UC BROWSER, CHROME, OPERA, FIREFOX etc. with more than 15k downloads and 370+ ratings on google play. Earning good revenue every month. You won’t find any web browser source code here!


You need to install Android studio on your windows pc or mac for re-skining this project.

Setup the project

1. Download the given project zip file and documentation.

2. Download Android studio from its official site you havn’t install.

3. Unzip browse simply project file and import to android studio.

How to Reskin

1. You need to change package name, icon, admob ids and app name before you publish to the google play store.

2. Must see the given documentation to know more details with screenshots.

3. If any problem occurred feel free to contact directly here.


Fast browsing – No more frozen pages. Enjoy the smoothest Internet surfing. Your search results instantly appear with smart search, quick access to socializing, web searching and entertaining. Browse Simply web browser can compress your web page so you can get 2x faster browsing even on 2g data.

Fast download – Browse Simply speed up and stabilize downloads. If any disconnection or interruption occurs, Browse Simply can continue downloading from breakpoint. By accelerating downloading process, it saves your time for downloadable files. You can download multiple files at a same time.

Data saving – Browse Simply compresses data, speeds up navigation and helps you save a lot of cellular data traffic even on 2g network. The more you browse, the more data you can save with Browse Simply. Enable Data save mode in settings for more speed it will disable all the images from web page.

Ad block – Ad block functionality blocks different forms of ads that affect your browse experience. It helps you visit webpages Ad-Free on your android devices, no more pop-up banner ads.

Facebook notification – Browse Simply will notify you when you got a new notification or message on Facebook. Sign up with your Facebook account to enable Facebook notifications feature.

Hd video player – Download or stream any video online directly from the web with built-in fastest and smoothest video player. You can play video, download or save to watch later.

Screen capture – Want to save a web page to read it later? Browse Simply web browser can your web page as .png formate in your gallery in just one tap.

Unlimited tabs – Multi tasking with Browse Simply web browser now you can access unlimited number of tabs without any lag or crash.

Web page translation – If your page is in Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu or in any other language, you can translate with Browse Simply web browser in a single click by just tapping Translate button.

Speed mode – Speed mode can speed up your browsing 2x faster. It will compress web pages which can load pages more faster.

Lightweight – Browse Simply is the lightest web browser on Google play with less than 5mb package size which also helps you to boost up your phone ram & memory.

Night mode – There is a hidden night mode feature on Browse Simply web browser. You can enable it from settings & select Rendering you can choose Grayscale, Inverted or Inverted grayscale.


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