Jul 1

The Financial side of App Reskinning Business

By: Anna Louise

How much to buy the game for, how much to develop for and how long before Return of Investment; App reskinning is the key of the apps flipping business. App Reskin is not a cup a cake for everyone as many people think, but it is a worthy inversion if it is done correctly. With only few dollars and a few hours of your time you can get benefits.

The App Reskinning Business has never been so powerful than it is today and there are many good ins and outs to be part of this world. App reskin is a good way to reduce development budgets and time: You do not need to make the whole game; the coding, the gameplay and graphics are already done but you just need to change and modify the 2D /3D objects of the apps according to your

There are some ways to enjoy financial side through reskinning.

Financial benefit of App Reskinning

Firstly, you need to think about your idea and budget, once you buy multi license from App n Game Reskin you will be able to use the app template as many time as you want through app reskinning service. Keep one thing in mind that more audience bring more money, so follow the current trends for reskinning your apps. To cover a vast range of your audience without using current trends essentially make your reskins different from others.

Secondly, earn money through advertisement in your app, there are two ways to monetize your applications through ads i.e. few ads and a lot of ads. If you choose few ads strategy, it will bring you good reputation in the market as it’s a way to long term investment. By showing few ads, you will not disturb the user and they will stay for long run. If you wants to generate more money you can also use In-App purchase method. With good quality app reskinning, you can made a long term profitable business.

If you choose the second strategy that you fill your App with lot of ads, you will get lot of money in the beginning but it’s a short term investment as user get annoyed of your app and will delete it soon. This strategy is used mostly for low quality reskinning apps.

Thirdly, the way to enjoy financial side of reskinning is provide users a number of in-app purchase option. If you only focusing on making high quality reskinning and not giving ways for much advertisement, introduce the In-app Purchase method in your app for users. It’s been very successful in the world of games and apps. Some highly used In-App purchase options are ‘save me’ option, ‘Remove Ads’, ‘Buy new hat or character’ and ‘Earn more coins’. Do not hesitate to set a high prices for your items, users love to buy new characters and new hats. They love to remove ads from their favorite apps. So it’s a worth to have the fine high quality reskinning and enjoy IAP (In-App Purchase) option.

Fourthly, selling your idea in shape of graphics is another different way to make money with your reskinning created apps. You can’t re-sell the license, but the graphics are totally yours after reskinning the app. So you can also make money through selling your graphics, icons and designed.

Fifthly, now it’s to start making your app reskinned and get massive income of your effort. A benefit of buying multi license is that you can use the template for as many times as you want. Your one effort on reskinning gives you plenty of options to make money through it by focusing on different target audiences.

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