Jun 22

How do Free Apps can generate Real Money?

By: Anna Louise

When process of app development is properly completed then you can take wise decision before making it available on Google’s Play store or App’s store.

Do you want to charge audience to download it?

One main reason how many people can decide to charge for download is because they know other method to make money for mobile app.

After spending money for development, they consider a method to get a return on big investment is by charging amount per download.

It’s very general misconception.

Money can be generated through free mobile apps.

It’s done.

There’re many players who wants to make big amount. Here, you may achieve your target and success if you’ll follow some monetization strategies.

  • Know about audience
  • Know about level of competition
  • Advertisement and in-app purchase
  • Subtlety’s art

Thus, if you are in air about offering app with free of cost. We can say that free is best and perfect option for you.

You should follow guidelines or tips that I’ll outline in detail as we can continue.

The majority of mobile apps that you can download without expenses


What does it tells you?

Mobile audience can’t pay for mobile apps.

Thus, it’s unlikely they can make exception at your end. It’s confirmed that you can get these from marketplace, thus they can get without any cost. Thus your perfect option is to offer things. Now try to get some downloads if possible and see options to generate profit with streams. With an industry professional that can see it before, I can inform you about personal expertise or experience which is applicable.

Free mobile apps are used to make money and how you can get profit as well.

Know about audience

If you can manage anything then you can spend time on research work.

Consider users who can use app currently.

It’ll easy for you to compare it with other.

For you with using current business, the demographics of app’s audience can mirror contents clients.

However, if you want to launch an app which has no extension in current organization, you can focus on target marketplace. You should understand how people behave and think. For instance, an operating system of mobile app is also available with effects of user’s behavior.



Android and Apple users also behave differently.

If you know and understand things about user, you can understand everything.

However take new and different step further.

Know about audience it means you should know about types of devices you are using.

Know can ask these questions to work in right direction.

  • Who is user of mobile app?
  • What is they are using it for?
  • How can they use it?

Once you may answer it, you should start to mention about user.

Now also compare it with mobile app.

You should meet all requirements and considerations.

If your answer is yes, then you are in right direction or good way to proceed to more steps.


Just verify you can start with audience before starting another step.

Know about competitors

Competitor analysis is tactic which is overlooked through business. They’re focused and busy with your company that they ignore to competitors.

Before you may move on another step, the main step is that identifying competitors and know about more things. If you’re completing the process then you can analyze the parts of operation.


This artwork helps you to understand more about right things of what you need to look further.

You may learn more about it.

If your competitor is doing same thing then you can do best at your end.

No shame in learning, as you knows well about it. To achieve success you’ve to do best.

You may apply some methods on mobile apps and monetization strategy.

On flip side, you can search about competitors what is their process and how they conduct research work.

You may take note from mistakes and also verify to ignore all main things that can make changes while implementing your app. If you can analyze the competition by implementing different strategies then you can got true results.

Separate from crowd.

What are factors that makes app unique?

Consider about what you can do best than anyone else, also verify that is main point while making marketing strategies.

If you’ll properly brand your app then it would be easy for you to make more money also if it’s free to download and can be accessed easily.

In-App actions

Nowadays, we can cover basic components to monetize mobile app. It’s also best time to concentrate on money generation process. There’re some methods for mobile apps that can generate money.

  • Advertisement
  • In-App purchases

Thus, you may apply both methods on mobile apps. Everyone has lot of benefits. We can explain how this work is done with complete details? Thus you know what you want?

In-App purchases

It offers additional options with extra features.

These changes and upgrades also help to improve the user’s experience and increase engagements.

Now give a look on how much money is required to spend on in-app purchases.


You may view all details from data and majority of users can’t buy upgrade. It’s clear that every user on iOS or Android platform can spend more on Android users. Thus, you may expect on single person who can download apps without any cost or without spending any money.

It’s not attainable goal or very realistic.

Thus, you’ve focus on all groups that can buy upgrades. These features may add complexity layer that depends on app’s nature and depth of functionality. You can search a method to hook the audience and focus on future output. For instance, mobile games do great jobs for audiences who want to buy upgrades which can improve game-play.

Token system is perfect method to get it and obtain audience to spend purchases. You can mention about cost (USD 1), you can get tokens.

Allow audience to buy token to get real money and also give better rate which is based on cost they spend.

Thus for instance,

  • USD 5 = 500 tokens
  • USD 10 = 1200 tokens
  • USD 20 = 2500 tokens

It makes some sense.

As per Apple’s support, there’re 4 types of in-app purchases.

  • Non-renewing subscription
  • Auto renewing subscription
  • Consumable
  • Non-consumable

Thus, the coil would fall under consumable type.

A non-consumable purchase can upgrade premium version of mobile app which can add bonus to get achievement with advertisement. It needs some time.

Thus, if you can see sports mobile app, you can provide subscription for MLB, NBA and NFL. Find below example. This subscription is also something that can’t expire in few months. A subscription on paper like ‘Wall street journal’ can fall in different types. Movie subscription like Hulu, HBO, and Netflix is example of subscription.

Thus, mention about type of upgrade of in-app purchases that qualifies. All these are applied with valid strategies however you can do good work in different types of mobile apps with example.

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It’s self-explanatory.

If you’ve seen site then you may know about ad-work.

A same concept is applied on app.

You can also get paid clicks and impression.

These ads are offered on different platforms that effects on rate. For instance, you may charge firms for advertisement to banner or static ad. Advertising work is applied on apps and models.

You can also decide if it’s best way or strategy to consider analyzing competitors and audience. Find below some basic advertisement required for mobile app.



The main part of using mobile apps to generate money is also convincing the audience how they can buy things to improve experience.

How we can do this?

You can create the illusion that they can spend money to get app. It happens, with free portion of app you can use best but not perfect. This is slope. When you can make amazing free version, a user have no reason to waste money.

However when you can add many features in free version then user experience is not enough to realize that they need to manage.

Thus, you’ve search that middle ground. You may get benefits and improved features.

If you can use advertisement, remember that they can hide navigation. For instance, a user can match it in 30 second they can open an app.

However a banner or popups from time-to-time can’t be reasonable.

Think whatever you can discuss.