Apr 21

Important Methods to Protect Apps

By: Anna Louise

It’s mobile ‘wild west’ out there. The use of mobile app devices continues to climb- there’re more internets connect mobile devices like 3G/4G tablets, smartphones, and mobile, than human in the world. The use dedicated apps is increasing and completely mobile usage. As per reports that apps account for 86% of average US mobile time that amounts to more than 2 hour/day.

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Mobile apps with the help of online an app like Google’s Play, Apple’s app store and third party market are without a doubt the dominant from app delivering value to audience globally. Companies have embraced apps as a way to improve worker’s productivity and align with their mobile and agile lifestyle, however, are these apps secure and protected from hackers.

To put this concern into standpoint, recent survey from AppnGame determined that among paid and Free Games or apps-

  • 100% of a top 100 paid mobile apps on Google Android platform have been hacked
  • 57% of top 100 paid mobile apps for iOS was hacked
  • 74% of popular free mobile on Android was hacked
  • 54% of popular free mobile apps on iOS was hacked

These numbers are alarming, to say the least, especially considering some enterprises are adopting bring your own device policies to allow workers to merge their professional and personal lives into a mobile experience. The fact is that 84% of client use the same mobile for personal use and work. This trend as positively impacting the UE may reduce the abilities of IT department to secure access to data on system.

As of this, it’s pretty impossible to make some assumptions about the underlying security of deicing used on that device. What are benefits of mobile apps for a company?  As per research that user are spending 86% of mobile time on apps. Research shows that users (Free Games) are spending 86% of mobile time on apps. Now is the time for enterprises to implement apps both externally and internally, in order to raise engagement with workers and clients. You may use this URL for further details. You can download more games from AppnGame.

Interaction and increased engagement

Mobile apps run within their interface environment that allows audience to become more immersed in experience. There are many reasons why this is a case.

Apps are purpose focused

Audience comes to associate particular tasks with mobile apps. Audience shows apps because they’re simple to use version of full site as they’re simplified version of long process for example, buying a product or app with full features.

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Increased scope for interactive experiences

Simply put, mobile apps allow for companies to develop more interactive ways for the user to engage with their content.

Habit building

Audience is linked with specific apps and devices in time, becoming familiar with range of technology. All apps are accessed instantly by tapping on relevant icons on devices.

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