May 3

10 Effective ways or Tips to get App Reviews

By: Anna Louise

Who launches an app; it is must to get good reviews and ratings. App rating plays the main role in the app’s ranking. The positive ratings and reviews you get from users, the more you’ll get new users to respect and trust on app. It’s confirmed that user attaches importance to other’s comments and opinion more than what they think. They care about negative and positive feedback before deciding whether to download an app or not. But it’s not the only users, however, Game Apps stores give importance to reviews.

Thus follow below mentioned clever and effective ways or tips.

10 Effective Methods or tips to get Games Apps Reviews

1- Creating a good app

A mobile optimized site is an important bur creating your own app is the right step. Contents should be unique and attractive. Consider offering promotional e-mails to announce a mobile app and what it can do for users? You need to add transactional messages, ad-banners and try to promote it to fulfill packaging. Use effective keywords, titles and descriptions.

2- Buying reviews

Sometimes, you need to buy App’s Reviews, especially if you’ve awesome app. You may get users to do this however it’s recommended that you must hire a promotional site or App Review to manage these tasks.

3- Don’t mislead audience with mobile app

If mobile app user realizes that an app can’t provide what actual reasons were, you need to stand for big risk getting bad comments from them. Be sincere about what an app can do? It’s for the right purpose in description side. It is not sensible and not worthy to try to get downloads, at expenses of getting negative comments from such users.

4- Remember that you provide the best

When your app is free for download and you’re failed to deliver, you can’t get a negative comments as must audience will delete it and move on. However, this is not the case with audience that paid to the download.

5- Let your audience speak to you

Remember that it is also possible for users to make link with you. Instead of sharing their anger with you in the form of comments, they can talk to you. They can solve a problem on the immediate basis.

6- First review app thoroughly before releasing it

Test it before releasing to App store. This step will increase your confidence.

7- Explain why good rating is important

Many users don’t understand the importance or value app reviews. You need to explain because it is important for you. You should understand the positive rating.

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8- Avoid disturbing users to rate an app

The idea of reminding users to rate an app can backfire, the audience doesn’t feel obligated to review or rate your mobile app.

9- Browse the reviews you receive

You need to filter the general reviews and make sure that you can pay attention. You need to speak on it immediately.

10- Remember, you start with Good Ratings

If you’ve received negative reviews or ratings, then you can easily make users who are using it. And they will download the app, in the end, and then they will use it with negative mind-set.

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