Apr 6

Top Trends for Mobile App industry in 2017

By: Anna Louise

2017 is set to be an important year for rapid growth in the app development space. It’s also estimated that global marketplace for app development will reach on astonishing USD 77 million in profit. It continues like rapid growth as increasing number of business accept a mobile-first app development on payments, enterprises app development, Game Creator Online, smart objects and importance of providing contextual experience for an audience. The fact that professional and experts are continuing to back mobile in a proper way.

In 2017, we’ve mentioned these phenomena by exploring main megatrends for upcoming years. In this year, Game Creator Online companies have focused on increased domination of mobile apps. Evolution is in apps, Google AMP, AR.VR and shifts to app development with accessibility & UX as integral part.

According to survey at the end of 2016, it’s concluded that there’ll be 6.4 billion webs are connected devices are linked in the world. The internet of things is now having a great impact on the methods new mobile apps are developed and designed. In the near future, all IOT mobile apps will need some accompanying apps to manage each and every linked device. It’s like to develop a different demand for IOT apps development expertise and services. But, as its core, IOT apps creation process need highly innovative approach if it comes to integration with external 3rd party devices and website services.

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The global marketplace have experienced as a tremendous increase in number of mobile users. You can’t understand these trends to watch-out for in app’s developments in 2017 unless you look at the survey. The main section focuses on clients statistics of mobile apps. The section pays important role to mobile trends to see in web development of mobile apps for 2017. AppnGame is game development platform.

Client Statistics of Mobile Apps in the Marketplace & Game Creator Online

The increasing number of mobile audience in Global marketplace has led to tremendous growth in mobile apps that clients can use on mobiles. The Apple’s apps store boasts up to 2 million of Mobile Apps as Google has more than 2.2 million apps. It’s expected to increase in coming years. The info-graphics that go global has released and shows that the main usage of apps is on the rise.  As per survey, a user spends 54% of time on digital media. It shows that companies are also generating good amount as revenue from the usage of apps.

As per new report, the number of audience has surpassed users in 2014. New prediction narrates that more than 268 million mobile downloads can generate good amount of income of USD 78 billion in this year. The total app’s revenue is USD 35 billion is in 2014, USD 45 billion is in 2015, USD 58 in 2016 and estimated USD 77 in 2017 as mentioned above.

  • VR & AR Enabled Chats
  • Dominance of the Internet-of-Things
  • A More Filling User Experience (UX)
  • The Security of Mobile Apps
  • Continued Region of LBS(Location Based Services)

The Trending of Chat-bots

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