Mar 31

Some Biggest Mistakes in App Marketing

By: Anna Louise

If you want to search a method to the reach the clients without interruption and developing customized app is one of the best way you’ve. Find below some important statistics about reach of mobile apps. We’ve summarized some important statistics. Make games with the help of Game Making Websites.

  • An average mobile user spends 87% of their total time in mobile apps & 14% of the time on a mobile web browser.
  • 78% of all phone users access their apps continuously.
  • 91% of phone owner uses their devices to research before buying.

You’ll see many benefits of mobile app messaging. It’s prompt like text messages, however, without any restriction. Messages are re-called or adapted on the fly. You may create own messages that self-destruct after they are not applicable.

Due to experience, we all make the mistakes. When it comes to app’s marketing, mistake can lead to disappointing results and some expenditure.

Developing without a Monetization Strategy in Game Making Websites

There’re more than 2 million apps on the store, as the cost-per-install continues to float around USD 2 mark. With audience attainment being a challenge in the industry, it’s important that you make required amount from installs that you do manage to create. You can plan to monetize strategies as soon as possible. There are four possible ways to monetize.

Ad Revenue

Ad-revenue is a very popular form of app’s monetization. Ad networks offer a wider range of ad-units that give programmers the opportunity to strike stabilities in minimal interruption and high e-CPM to the user experience.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases are best and effective methods of monetization of an app. At a time of writing, 2 out of 10 apps in App’s Store is paid. The majority of free apps are due to their IAPs. User purchases that may un-lock features, removing advertising and enabling them to progress by Game Making Websites.


Subscriptions are not adopted like in-app purchases; however, they may have important impact on value of audience within an app. In order, to utilize a subscription’s model, you can provide importance to user within specific time.


Although, it’s executed by the minority of apps like it’s best to put a tag in point of installation. The highest quality apps may command a price for a value that they can add to the lives of their clients.

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Failing to Adapt to Each Platform

There’re some important differences in Windows, Android and iOS meaning that s method that is effective as well can work on another. For instance, on Android, it’s possible to release its free version of app that has limited users, the way that is used in desktop apps.

Failure to Manage Customer Expectations

The customer can quickly judge apps, so, it’s an important that you can manage expectations in marketing materials, and be it icons, description, icons or preview video.

Some other mistakes are Lack of Understanding of Analytics Data, No Understanding of LTV, Testing on the App Store, Not Executing a Viral Loop and No Research.

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