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Developing on Android vs iOS – There’s clear winner

By: Anna Louise

There’s no-doubt that we’ve entered into the age of motilities. Ownership of mobile app devices has skyrocketed in last few years with mobile app acceptance expected to be as high as 64% by the end of 2014 as per More and of these devices are smart meaning that they’ve abilities to link with the internet. By harnessing this power, an audience is using mobile devices to do more than ever, to playing or Game Making, coffee and even its purpose that is communications.

Because mobile adoption continues to grow and companies try to confirm that their brands are a mobile friendly. Often, it’s very easy as app designing a responsive site that is workable for different devices to something expensive like developing mobile app that audience may download onto mobile devices. A survey of IT experts conducted in 2014 that half the respondents report spending more than 3-months and more than USD 50000 creating app with complex mobile apps coming in at USD 100,000 to USD 500,000 to develop. It’s positively not chump change.

In-spite the high-cost many companies understands the opportunities that mobile apps them to react their audience and currently figuring out how to invest their amount to get their brands in hands of mobile audience.

iOS vs. Android

If you’re new mobile then deciding on iOS Android is one of biggest decision you required to make. In 2016, but, how many difference remain between two platforms (Android or iOS). As most of platforms are still distant third from 2 competitors. Most mobile apps must developed for the platforms as developing a mobile for both would cover combined 97^ (12 for iOS, 86 for Android) of the marketplace.

This question really is ‘do we create our Mobile App for Android/iOS Platforms first’ there’re many reasons to selecting a platform over then others however, if looking at taking your companies to app mobile, there’re many reasons why creating an iOS first is better than creating an Android app.

If you’ve spent some of mobile phone or other than you can’t know much about other. However, we’ve spent-lot of with both. Find are the main difference and similarities in iOS and Android.  The first Android, mobile – the mobile G1- appeared in OCT- 2008, the main place was launched in June 2007.

1) Decreased Fragmentation

Fragmentation means the breaking-up of something into separated but small pieces. Settlers cleared the forest to develop harvest timber and farms. An iOS is closed platforms. What it means is that Apple has total control over its software and devices. They design all software and hardware that allows them to use strict guidelines for how they interact with each other’s.

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It’s perfect for app developers as there are a limited number of devices that Apple and iOS and when Apple comes out with new mobile devices, their web design is not that different from previous versions. Nowadays, there’re 20 different kinds of Apple’s devices. The devices fragmentations for Android are much worse because you may see from the picture above taken from ‘Gizmodo-‘.

2) Higher Revenues

Some brands are not concerned with revenue, remember their companies have a presence in mobile apps however most developers and publishers want to make money through apps development.

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