Apr 18

Benefits and use of Game Source Code Templates

By: Anna Louise

If you’re new in this field, then you will be able to search different articles, blogs and tutorials and the Game Source Code Templates of games in a documentation side. Many thanks to the expertise in 2D-3D games, AppnGame help them to ensure that developing a game is not very difficult process. To help us getting started with app and game development, we can provide different guides: like reading introduction to QML and JavaScript used for V-Play. Learn benefits and tutorial about Game Source Code Templates.

Advantages of Game Source Code Templates

You can search material that has information about lots of shiny additions like particle effects, AI and multiplayer. Source code generation is a process of creating source code from U-M-L model or template. This approach has many advantages as Interface, classes or source code packages are elaborated and created with variables and processes. Enterprise architect may generate source code from many behavioral templates, including Activity diagram, sequence and state machine.

It is very flexible template mechanism which allows us to complete customize the way that code is generated including the headers in processes and classes which are implemented. From quality perspective and engineering point of view, the compelling benefit is that template and thus the design and architecture are synchronized with source code. An unbroken traceable ways are created from objectives, stakeholder needs and business drivers with the help of methods in source code.

V-Play has full Game Source Code Template of live stores games for these popular generals. It can be used a game sample to rapidly develop games like a tower defense, platformers such as Physics games, side scullers, action games or doodle jump. 2D components save development time and use the gaming components specialized in 2D games. These components have particles, animations, multi-touch, auto-adoption, gestures, native dialogues, accelerometer, AI and some other platforms.

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Your game is written in QML and JavaScript; declarative languages provide very productive features like state machines, property binding, and fluid animations. With QML you can write 10 times less source code compared with C++ that means 10 times less error game sources. A template site is very simple and less expensive. For example,

‘import V-Play 1.0
import Qt-Quick 1.1
Game-Window {
Scene {    Image {

id: image
source: “v-play-logo.png”

Mouse-Area {

anchors.fill: parent parent      }   }

Text {
text: “Hi V-Play”
color: “blue”
anchors.horizontalCenter: image.horizontalCenter
y: image.y + 100    }  }

Professional developer may minimize all problems with creative use of customization and art-work within a template; however popular theme has been downloaded millions of times. Up to some extent the customization’s degree is also possible; however, you are now stuck up with template’s parameter.  However, functionalities are limited in template website but security can be big problem. These developed sites will be flexible and will grow with you. If you are working on template site then you can make many changes.

You can make changes like formatting, themes, etc. Make sure you understand the template and site from scratch, experts will tell you details. Thus a template way is considered best because it is an affordable option for everyone.

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