May 2

8 Methods to Monetize your Mobile App (iOS & iPhone or All)

By: Anna Louise

Creating a mobile app in these days is an easy task. But, monetization of apps have become impossible, we’ve discussed market saturation (what are free options for potential clients. To make money you can learn from founders who make money, or you can join a Games Academy. This process now becomes tough, so you should follow some strategies that work.

Monetization methods and know about Games Academy

  • Emails and Sign-ups

If you already have a newsletter then pushes it through an app. It is right if your app can drive clients through a website, It can’t easy to find out or tracking the things. However it will work. Make sure that an app is another leg of brand’s chair. AppnGame is social game development platform.

  • VIP levels of App’s usage

As per general information about an app, it’s based on two types, a cheap or free version and paid version is valuable. Actually, it’s part of a strategy to work as per requirement of customer’s taste; however trial period is the best option for them.

  • Advertising

Mobile advertising is like a nightmare in these days with low revenue; however, many amazing advertising networks are rising, offers different monetization models to help programmers that maximize the profit of apps and however all knows about Ad-mob. However, you deserve for better network, and this is aim you should have 20 features with standard apps models and flexible monetization features.

Despite programmers adds subscription and in-app purchases service to apps, audience prefers to get service for a small percentage and free of audience will give real money. Diversities ad-product with a different unit of various sizes works best on mobiles. Compare them with products with metrics and an eye for data and you may command great CTRs, CPM etc.

  • SMS marketing

SMS Marketing is now become a powerful method of communication in the entire world. Now use prefers SMS advertising that may be used to send vouchers, coupons to client to boost sales, send ads to increase value and send alerts for communications. It is also cost effective. You need to ask for feedback that will show the loyalty of customers towards your brand.

  • Partnerships

Signing agreement with companies is actually base for customer and finds methods to integrate your offers into an app. The main objective is to sign an agreement for client’s satisfaction and benefits. If you will work on rules, then you’ll be a great partner and get big amount.

  • A solid content strategy

If you want to take some time and put efforts to develop an app, you should spend time and efforts on maintaining apps with the great features. The Game Academy is UK based company provides professional games.  

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  • Multiple Payment options

If you’re applying monetization method by in-ap purchases or subscription, give more options with an asymmetrically dominated. A pricing strategy may help to cover revenue on the higher value. Through adapting a mobile’s offering.

  • Labeling a code

If you’ve developed an excellent app, then you can license code and make money, without any legal issues.  In this way, you can get more and more clients. In-App purchases are effective for app users.

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