Apr 26

How to Get More App Reviews?

By: Anna Louise

So, finally, you’ve launched your app.  Now, you’ve transferred sweat, blood, tears, time and money for developing awesome mobile app. However, then it languishes in store; not getting downloads, you need. Despite all this work, it sits there. Thus what is not good and how you can fix it? Green screen is a cinematographic system that allows editors to use it. Green Screen App uses special effects called as Chroma key.

We, now probably turns to Google. Google tells us main elements to post launch an app marketing strategy is getting good reviews. It tells us how we get ranked in store, it’s how you get notices by users and how to improve app’s download.

So, not all reviews are created equally. The main thing you need to do is hiring a web content farm. It’s hundreds of users crammed into an office writing good reviews or comments. However, it’s one of the best methods to get thousands of comments. It is the best way to get an app taken down from both App’s store and Google’s Play.

Additionally, a content farm is based on quality only. Most of them employ with the poor hold on the grammar. On the top of that, they get something wrong. They are always clearly a fake assessment. However, fake comments can help us for a month or two only; it’s very inducting to the audience. You should know what a best is and what’s extremely harmful to your company.

Asking for better app’s reviews and Green Screen App

A Developer depends on app’s reviews. If reviews are not good, it means fewer users, fewer downloads and less revenue. Good reviews are hard to get. Good apps make our life easy. An Audience enjoys the experience if they can complete tasks in less time.

It seems experience causes the audience to forget to leave comments after using it. No doubt, it’s not easy. If user is frustrated about an app then they should be willing to leave comments. As a result, some apps have bad comments.  The top Green Screen App for an iPad in Education, nowadays available for an iPhone too! Green Screen makes it easy to develop.

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A publisher should know how to fix problems- ask for good comments. We’ve mentioned here some guidelines on how to ask for a review in app. The First golden rule is, an app needs a good UE (user experience) to get good remarks.  It looks good; however, the end user must be a publisher on top priority. App publisher need to get benefits of good user experience, and performance. You need to request for comments after successful moments. If a user is pleased with user experience, they shouldn’t mind.

They’ll use App’s store reviews as bug reporting tools. Here, you can fix buds that rating remains. Don’t allow users resort to the app store reviews. You should ask them to write feedback reviews directly from the app. It would be easy to find. However, there’re many methods to get good reviews. Make sure that good review is an honest thing.

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