Jan 27

Guide to creating a 3-step Mobile Games Development

By: Anna Louise

The very first step in Mobile Games Development is a good idea. Mobile games are the most downloaded application category on blinds, and they provide the highest return on investment. In addition, video game advertising can be an excellent marketing tool to promote the image of a brand. So it is not surprising that many companies are considering creating a mobile game, but they do not necessarily know where to start.

Step 1: Importance of idea in Mobile Games Development

The most important thing to make a mobile game or any other type of application is the idea and this is the only step that nobody can do for you. Since there is no formula already ready for a successful game, it is also the most complicated and delicate stage. You will have no guarantee that your idea will work until you have realized it and confronted the market. You should know, before starting development that it is very difficult to earn income and make profits with a mobile game, but … this is not impossible, as shown by many examples of successful mobile games. To succeed is it necessary to create an original game?

STEP 2: Monetization of Mobile Games

  • Inapp purchasesIntegrated shopping is the most commonly used method for monetizing games. Although only 2% of Android users make in-app purchases and a slightly higher percentage of iOS users, this remains one of the most effective ways to generate revenue.
  • Advertisements in the applicationMany applications combine this technique with in-app purchases. Nevertheless, it is necessary to ensure that the advertisements do not interfere with the game, as this may adversely affect the user experience, scare players and … hinder the success of your app.
  • The Premium versionYou may offer a trial version to the user who will nevertheless have to pay to continue playing. This business modelis often used for high-quality games.
  • Paid downloadThis strategy is generally implemented for games that required a very high starting investment. These are usually small sums, with the exception of a few games that have been adapted from video consoles to mobile devices.

STEP 3: What technology used in mobile games development?

  • HTML5The HTML language is compatible with several platforms; only one development is enough to create a game that can be launched on several operating systems, Android, iOS or Windows Phone. You will not have to hire separate teams of developers; the creation and testing phase of your game will take less time and, therefore, will cost you basically less money.
  • Native languageThe development in native language, that is to say, specific to each operating system, makes it possible to make the most of the capacities of the telephone or of the tablet. It ensures that the performance and user experience of your game is the best possible.
  • Unity 3DThe famous game iOS Assassin’s Creed Infinity was created with Unity 3D. This is an excellent engine that is used to create video games for multiple platforms. Android is one of the main beneficiaries of Unity.

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