Dec 20

High Quality Source code and Metrics that matters

By: Anna Louise

As developers and programmers, we need time, preaching and debating about merits of high quality source code and evils of code and different in them. It is related to quality of software as it goes without saying that software that you deliver to clients must of High Quality Source Code product, game or app need to help clients and look great to run business. Now fact is that they do it because of thousands of line of source code under the top.

Source Code Quality Services

A developer writes the change and maintains source code on daily basis. However, invisible to clients, the quality of line of source code may be an important as that of main component of software. Thus, we go about good presenter, developer and controllers. It is main part to motivate that leads to create or generate tools to evaluate the quality of code. You can’t ignore quality factor. You should spend more time on it. However it is mobile app which is priced for company, small companies and developers.

Your source code must be read by developers. Source code should be unambiguous. We you should understand large scale and small scale code. Source code must have comments, whitespace, characters and code formatting options. It must have method and class length, nesting levels, complexity and number of parameters.

You can use productivity improvements software’s and time tracking apps. Without executing you need to analyze it. The objective is to remove bugs and errors. You can miss manual testing. Accessing the quality code is difficult process as well. Generated source code will have a high cyclomatic complexity, must typically be ignored as you can assess and monitor code quality. Make it is easy to analyze the code from generated code & included (Visual Studio’s support for metrics doesn’t, except at the project’s level).