How To Buy And Sell Source Code For App Development
Jul 26

How To Buy And Sell Source Code For App Development

By: Anna Louise

How To Buy And Sell Source Code For App Development

The source code is the vital part of an app. Think of it as the structure from which you build a house. Without a structure there can be no house, without the source code there can be no app. Here in this article, we will going to tell you how to buy and sell source code for launching new apps.

The source code of any program is specially made to enable the work of programmers, who specify the actions to be done by a computer. This source code is mostly changed by a compiler program into low-level machine code understood by the computer.

You might be thinking that you need a whole app to make money. Did you have idea you can also make money from source code alone? Yes, you can sell and also buy code from the source market.

There is now a market for buy and sell source codes. You can buy code for all kinds of apps available, locator apps, business tools, games, you name it. Someone bound to pick up one app in the large and growing app market.

Where to Buy the Source Code

There is more than one marketplace for buy source code; you can buy on a Google search about what market is available for buying source code.  Notable mention is The site ability to pull data from app stores every day in real time. They aggressively provide excellent platform where buyer and seller can negotiate if they are not see eye to eye on price.

 Why buy source code?

For making app you need to make not only its graphics but also its links, features and color scheme.  Mostly developers can spend weeks just writing the source code for newly launch apps. Having a ready source of codes can extremely cut down on an app’s making time. Having a ready source code also means you can give more time and effort into the main features of the app because the framework has already been taken care of.

Obviously, you can always make your own source code, but that will take money as well as time. Speed is necessary in putting out an app, to have a chance at beating the struggle you have to put your product out before they do. Remember that source code progress means trial and error, tweaking, fine-tuning and even going back to four-sided one in most of the cases. So, it’s better to buy ready code for making your new apps.

The Very Best Source Code May Have

In the world of computing, a source code is the collection of various computer instructions, sometimes with comments that are written by computer language that is human readable and is usually in the form of text. This is created with the plan of enabling the computer programmer’s work, especially those who specify the specific actions that a computer has to perform and this is attained by the writing of various source codes.

In different cases, they are converted by the compiler program into a machine code that is at a low level and this is a language that the computer is able to understand. This machine code can be stored so as to be performed at a time in the future. Also, an interpreter may be used so as to make an analysis and to perform outcomes of different source code programs in a straight way.

Many computer apps are usually dispersed in the form that usually includes some executable files, but without their own codes. If such apps were to include the source code, they would show to be very useful to the system administrator, the programmer as well as the user. This also makes it very stress-free for such a program to be changed and this is easy to understand just how it works.

Types Of The Source Code

You can buy three type source code that is suited for your newly launch app. These can be divided into three types of categories like

  1. Free source code
  2. Open source code
  3. Closed source code

Open source code

Open source defines to a type of program which permits the source code of the software to be eagerly accessible to a variety of people.  By using a license agreement, which often has some restrictions, the source code can be used, changed, and reorganized within a group of people. On the other hand, open source software was originally started in the 1980s, it has continually established into an extremely useful tool for both individuals and companies.

The Benefits Include

– Access to the source code

– Ability to fix and find any problems rapidly

– Less weak to hackers and viruses

Free source software

There are lots of people that often confused open source code is with free software. Although, there are several differences, the word free simply define something is given without any charge. Free software does not mean developers can access free code.  It is very necessary to understand among the open and free source code.

Free software is rarely as flexible and accessible as open source software, making it problematic for developers to utilize for the advantage of their organization.

Closed Source Software

Closed source software differs from the open source software in that there are various restrictions placed on the use, modification, and rearrangement of the software. Moreover, closed software is not the same as commercial software, the two have many similarities.

An example of closed software is best seen in companies like Microsoft. These closed often contend that the cost of their software allows for further development and research of the software. Close software does not allow the same type of flexibility as open software, so it is not often a good choice for many organizations.

 How To Buy Source Code

First you have to resister before you can use their contact seller module. Then you need to scan the notice board for buying any source code like you need to communicate with the private mail to negotiate. Once you finished agreements you will coordinate the exchange of code as well as fund to complete the transaction.

After you have made your buying, you will be sent a file with all the source code files, images, sounds, and other files that can be compiled to a working project. Depending on how hard this is or how answerable your seller was, you may get some orders as well.

You will also be provided the rights to make a various number of apps using this code. Remember that you can also purchase different licenses for a source code so you can make different versions of this app using the same code, therefore this option may not always be available.


You will also need to understand that you will not misuse this license by re-selling the code as your own. Even if you transfer rights for this application, the license will stay intact. More often than not you will have free access to ongoing updates to the source code bought.

Can you expect some customer service from the person who sold you the code? This is often a matter of will from the developer’s side; however developers tend to extend each other the professional politeness of customer service.

How To Sell Source Code

Once you are registered with any commercial app market you can post whatever you are providing in their notice board and anyone who is absorbed in what you are offering can contact you privately. Some sites permits you putting up a link from their site to your site, if you have any (and as a developer you should), to let potential buyers fully grow the level of your work.

After you have been communicated, negotiations decided, payment made and the source code shared, you have to scratch your post in their notice board as SOLD. If you have recommendation and question about the right source code to buy, be sure to ask someone in our reserved community.