Nov 17

How to create a Marketing Strategy to launch your first Mobile App

By: Anna Louise

When you have created a mobile app you should also have a marketing strategy in place to sell it. What are the chances that enable your app to download faster? How will your app gather attention of the viewers in the first place? There are several other questions running in your mind when you are about to launch your own app in the marketplace.

Launching an app is very important thing for your success but the marketing of that app should be smart enough to cherish that success. There are several aspects to be considered before launching an app and we are here to help your app reach at higher success level. Here is a guide that you need to follow step by step while developing a Marketing Strategy.

Define Your Buyer’s Persona with Completive Analysis

Develop reasoning for your app. Why you want to sell your app? Does the app fill a genuine need? What benefits does your app offer for the buyers? What is the potential of your idea in the market? If you have the answer of what solutions does your app provide for the problems in the market then the chances of your app to hit success eventually increases. You just need to tell your customers that what benefits they will acquire when they get your app. Obviously you will need to conduct a detailed research on your concept.

Conduct a detailed analysis of pricing and strategy

There are few things that you really need to work on

  • What will be the cost of your app and what are the possible ways to cut short your costs. You will be able to give a reasonable price if you managed your cost effectively.
  • Content matters a lot. Be careful about who is managing the app content. The responsibility of the design accompanying the content is quite important to be considered
  • Effective App store optimization (or ASO) is essential of optimizing your mobile App build a higher rank of your mobile App in the App Store. Otherwise, your App might not be seen by anyone. The keywords that you choose will be develop your rank. Make sure you get your ASO done by someone who really fits this job.
  • Graphics and design are the essence of any App. If your App doesn’t look good, it won’t make better chances to attract the viewers to make a purchase.

Take valuable feedbacks

Once you develop an App and it is all set to be launched in the marketplace, start testing your App with the user experience. Note the feedbacks because this will tell your short comings. Once people start using your App from the marketplace, spend some time to analyze the insights of the App usage and behavior.

These steps will help you to cope with all the challenges that might occur on your way.