Feb 24

Future of Hybrid Mobile App Development

By: Anna Louise

The surging demands for improved and new tablets and smartphones are leading to ever persuasive demand for mobile apps. Thus, what do you do in volatile marketplace situation? Do you create app for single platform or double efforts to develop it repeatedly for various platforms like Android or iOS.   Do you need to learn How to Make Games? Demands of apps are rapidly increasing in a marketplace.

Every company needs to develop internal application development capabilities. However, app productivity challenge drives business towards the mutual partnership with companies to give best solutions.  This solution will be cost effective.

A hybrid app is trending approaches that are here to stays for long. App developers from all companies are fulfilling the client requirements with new versions of hybrid apps. This hybrid technology dominates the mobile phone and stays for a long time. These apps offer balance in the native and HTML5 apps. We’ll discuss about future of apps development in detail. However, user will demand both apps (native & hybrid)

How to Make a Game and implement strategies?

In this world, a user looks for quicker time to deployment, better app’s performance, and shorter development cycles. With two operating systems dominating the land-scape, creating apps face compromise- apps offer better apps or user experiences that are faster to create and run on more platforms?

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You’ll see some platforms where you can work on four platforms (iOS, HTML, Windows, and Android).  Hybrid app developments can become popular for companies and developers that have platform partialities. For example, states that programmer prefers to develop apps in C for iOS platform. It saves them time and money, especially as they don’t have to learn web languages.

With customization the User Experience for each platform, all app developer will find themselves in a position they’re in before. Hybrid app development is going to become important as the same platform (Google Glass, Apple Car, etc.) became feasible or the platforms for developers. The enterprises are developing hybrid because clients want simple mobile apps for different platforms simultaneously.

If you’re new in this business then you should focus on marketing strategies as well.  Hybrid apps enable you to implement mobile website in native wrapper. These wrappers provide accessibilities to APIs. It combines source code of mobile site with an experience, like native mobile apps. You can aim at a large number of prospective audiences with a code base that has been shared in apps and site.

Many different tools are required for the purpose that will be free and open source. The main disadvantages are its high cost. The apps will appear properly and can be fast.  But it needs some skills of a programmer to write source code.

You may choose the best framework like Touchstone JS, Onsen-UI, Framework-7,, Touchstone, Supersonic UI, etc. If want to publish your mobile an app to the different store, app will require to re-written on another operating system. To implement strategies you need to follow internal policies, business rules, etc. Now you need to explore or check at your end that do you know purpose of games and How to Make Games?

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