Aug 15

iOS App Reskinning Make App Growth Easier

By: Anna Louise

With launch of UAC (Universal App Campaigns), in 2015 at Google I/O, we’ve explained our aim to making apps simple for iOS developers- A simple campaign that surfaces apps to billions of customers who often use Search, Google Play, YouTube and more. Nowadays, more people want to discover apps on Google. It’s working. We should be thankful to this campaign as they’ve doubled the app’s volume installs activated by ads and till now they’ve deliver 2.5 billion downloads for iOS developers. About iOS App Reskinning and programming you can get many references online.

To make new and better apps, world has insatiable appetite. Developer has different chances to show their talent by developing innovative and interesting apps that runs on iOS. Also. Now, they’ve announced multiple improvements to this campaign to make it powerful tool for them to find accurate user of app.

How to Make app‘s growth simple for iOS developers

You should know, this is expanding beyond Android to support developer to improve their apps. Today, they can tap into power and simplicity of campaign to reach millions of iOS and Android users on the Google Search App, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. It’s available in beta and will roll-out to all developers in future. You should learn about iOS App Reskinning through tutorials or blogs.

Finding more helpful users without any effort

They’ve help developers so that they can grow in easiest way by finding the right user at initial level. Instead of finding any user for installation of app, they can find who are probable to be important users. As per latest news, showed that 17% of users make 85% of income, which is actual reason why winning apps are shifting their attention from volume to find right customers.

This Campaign will automate bidding and creative group to find users based on your in-app conversion. Only explain app events that are important for you, whether it’s reaching maximum level in a game, making a purchase in app, subscription of service and they’ll complete it. This model evaluates countless signals and constantly learns, meaning every ad is based on relevant and fresh data. To Make Money with iOS Apps, you’ve to stick with services and ads.

The main thing is that they did lot of hard work as back end, predicting about users and acquiring them at accurate price. This innovation is in testing phase and can roll out in coming months. Pocket gems are already been bending on automation of this campaign to search high level users at scale.

Thus, it’s time for developers to cheer up as by using these tools for their app’s growth and now iOS App Reskinning is also alive and in efficient way you can make more apps just making changes in name, themes etc. Feel free to share your feedback with us about Jelly Zuma game.

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